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T-44-100 Marathon – Extended from 32 to 38 days – EU Server

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Hello everyone,

Just a quick update on the T-44-100 Marathon on the EU Server. Wargaming just announced they have extended the T-44-100 from 32 days to 38 days, based on the Community bad feedback that has been going on in the official forum.

Update: We have been following marathon discussion threads and we appreciate your constructive opinions and suggestions. Based on Community feedback, we have decided to extend T-44-100 Marathon by 6 days.
It is very important for us that you see the marathon as an event worth participating in, and T-44-100 as a reward worth pursuing, and also worth your time and dedication. Even though we aimed at keeping the challenge at a similar level as previous marathons, many of you considered it more demanding than past editions. We don’t want that negative perception to eclipse the fun part of the event, which is completing the challenge and reaping the rewards!
After receiving your feedback, we considered different ways to adjust missions, but moving the end date eventually turned out to be the most straightforward solution. It also gives you additional flexibility, as you now have more days to choose from in case you are not able to play every day. Total duration of the event changed from 32 to 38 days–that’s almost 20% longer than initially planned, and gives you the extra time you need to take care of the 8th nation. With an additional 6 days available, the average daily amount of damage and kills to score is now the same as in last year’s WZ-111 marathon.
Thank you very much once again for helping us making World of Tanks more enjoyable!

To he honest, it’s not easy to get it, it’s not 100% worth to get the tank, but I’ve tested it at Tankfest 2016 and it does make loads of credits. If you go based on some crazy number that Quickybaby came on a video he made, no wonder people started going ape shit with this.
And if you don’t have the time and really want to have the tank, remember you can buy the tokens, all of them or just the ones you need, and if you finish the missions you get Gold compensation for it. For me, most probably will be getting it the expensive way, because I won’t have time to grind it…

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