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T-34-2G FT – Chinese Tier VII Tank Destroyer

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Hello everyone,

I haven’t shared any information about the Chinese Tank Destroyer line because it’s an exclusive to the Chinese Server and in my opinion it’s loads of fake clones with not much of a difference from each other.

Several of you have asked me to still share this information, so I’ll start with the most recent leak, Tier VII T-34-2G FT and will create posts for previous vehicles later.

Source: WOT Express

Please remember this vehicle is an exclusive for the Chinese Server. All information shared is from Supertest Server and can change any time before release to the Live Server.




*Update: Average damage updated, previous value of 390 was from a 122mm gun that also can be mounted.

  • Tier VII Tank Destroyer
  • Hit Points: 800
  • Gun 100mm 60-100TG-FT – Tier IX
    • Shell Avg. Penetration: 189 / 244 / 61mm
    • Shell Avg. Damage: 250 / 250 / 330
    • Reload Time: 5.658s
    • Rate of Fire: 10.605 rounds/min
    • Aiming Time: 1.63s
    • Accuracy0.316
    • Average Damage per Minute: 2,651.3 HP/min
  • Gun Depression/Elevation Angles: -5 / +15 deg
  • Gun Traverse Speed: 31.3 deg/s
  • Traverse Speed: 40 deg/s
  • Terrain Resistance
    • Hard: 1.151
    • Medium: 1.534
    • Soft: 2.205
  • Hull Armour: 70 / 45 / 45 mm
  • Weigh/Load Limit: 32.09t / 35.00t
  • Engine Power: 520 hp
  • Specific Power: 16.21 hp/t
  • Top Speed / Reverse Speed: 50 / 16 km/h
  • Concealment of Stationary Vehicle: 44.4%
  • Concealment of Moving Vehicle: 26.4%
  • View Range: 360 m
  • Signal Range: 600 m
  • Crew: 4 (Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader)



15,466 thoughts on “T-34-2G FT – Chinese Tier VII Tank Destroyer

  1. Small headsup title says Tier 7, description says tier9!

  2. Aimtime and acuracy are awesome, great chinese HEAT pen, really good traverse, top speed and camo values plus decent hp/t. Most of all INSANE reload time. beats the SU12244 in almost every area.

  3. Incorrect values for damage, sorry. Article updated. But the tank can mount a 122mm gun, no data on reload time for that gun.

  4. Okay, I was seeing over 4100 dpm 0_0 happy it’s an error

  5. Math says 2,651.3 DPM / 390 alpha = 6.8 rounds/minute = 8.825 sec reload. so you lose a bit of armor and DPM from the SU-122-44 for more pen and a WAY more accurate gun. I like it.

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