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Swedish Tanks – STRV 103B – Tier X Tank Destoyer

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Hello everyone,

As you know I was watching Quickybaby Gamescom Stream and taking print-screens was a hard enough to get them right. Found some more pictures from the up-coming Tier X Tank Destroyer in the new Swedish Tech Tree. Yes, you read it right, it’s a Tank Destroyer and nota Medium Tank like initially though. From what I got informed SP-15 tried as hard as he could for Wargaming put this tank as a Medium, based that its actually classified as a Main Battle Tank, but Wargaming seems to have ignored his requests.

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  1. I wonder if Wargaming taken into account the “front bars”?
    Right from the beginning there was the idea to use a bars to increase the level of protection. This type of protection was tested in the late 50s and was shown to have very good efficacy against warheads with directed explosive effect of different types of anti-tank weapons. The bars attached frontally on the S-carriage made warheads fired so early that they lost much of its power when the shaped charge jet hit the main armor. Even effect from subkaliber- and arrow projectiles could be reduced considerably if they hit the bars. This protection solution, which was kept secret until the armored troops 50th anniversary in 1992, made Strv 103 for more than 20 years was the frontally best protected tank in the world. It further contributed to fordonetss good survivability was side-armor design with fuel as extra protection outside the main armor, the vehicle’s low profile, the minimal target surface and sharply sloped front armor.

  2. From what has been talked about, they are going to introduce the suspension as it is. But, it’s Wargaming so expect anything xD

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