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Supertest: UK Turreted Tank Destroyers Changes

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Supertest received the Challenger, Conway and FV4005 Stage II for testing. These vehicles will be updated in order to make them more competitive: they’ll get increased firepower and survivability due to improved mobility and better flexibility due to improved gun depression.

  • Challenger will receive a new gun with higher alpha-damage, which should change its gameplay to be in line with other British TD’s – being able to fire from positions with less manoeuvring needed.
  • Conway will also get a new gun and more flexibility for causing damage due to an increase of gun depression to -10 degrees and an increase of the turret rotation angles. In addition, the speed will be increased.
  • FV4005 Stage II – the updates of the vehicle are similar to the previous vehicles: an increase of turret rotation angles and gun elevation angles, as well as increased mobility. The updates are intended make the FV4005 more competitive on the battlefield.

Please note the information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it’s subject to change without any warning.


FV4005 Stage II

  • Turret Traverse Speed: 16 deg/s
  • Top Speed: 50/15 km/h
  • Elevation Angle: -10/+8 deg
  • Gun Traverse Limits: 180 deg

FV4004 Conway

  • Turret Traverse Speed: 18 deg/s
  • Top Speed: 50/20 km/h
  • Elevation Angle: -10/+10
  • Gun Traverse Limits: 180 deg
  • Penetration: 260/200/70 mm
  • Damage: 600/770/770
  • Dispersion: 0.38
  • Aiming Time: 2.4s
  • Reloading Time: 14.4s

Challenger (32-pdr AT Gun Mk. II)

  • Turret Traverse Speed: 18 deg/s
  • Top Speed: 52/20 km/h
  • Elevation Angle: -10/+20
  • Gun Traverse Limits: 120 deg
  • Penetration: 220/252/47 mm
  • Damage: 280/280/370
  • Dispersion: 0.35
  • Aiming Time: 2.0s
  • Reloading Time: 7.8s

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: UK Turreted Tank Destroyers Changes

  1. Challenger: Elevation Angle: -10/+20
    Conway: Elevation Angle: -10/+10
    FV4005: Elevation Angle: -10/+10
    Charioteer: Elevation Angle :-5

    Well done wargaming

  2. ****ing finally. The Challenger deserved at least a 20 pounder as elite gun from the offset.

  3. Hi. May I know what happened to the UK Medium Tanks’ turret armor buff (and FV4202 front hull armor buff)? Will it be on the next patch too? Or is it still in Supertest?

  4. Absolutely the right direction. Challenger was way under gunned and I got off it as soon as the next tier became available. The fv4005 needs some turret armour, it’s survivability is minimal. But what about the 183, are there no changes to that?

  5. make fv 4005 gun trav limit to 360. turret have thin armor and fv 4005 need more flexibility

  6. 180 on FV4005… Does that mean 180 to each sides or 90 to each sides, like the E4?

  7. you kidding me? conway has 6.8 reload time wtf? the reload changed more htan double for 110 alpha?

  8. I agree, nerfing the the load time is nonsense. WG have got tha one totally wrong

  9. with the charioteer having 5 degrees is not my problem… the problem is that it has only 30 shells and the APCR (Standard) cost 1.2K each so when you do make a good game you often lose credits

  10. doubling the reloadtime on the Conway will result in heavy dpm loss sure you gain 200 alpha more avg but with double the reload. ROF will be 4.16 so 2500 DPM which now is 3200 so 700 loss is HUGE

    having a 13.97 cm gun is good but 200 HESH pen is a little low compared to the 210 HESH pen on the Charioteer

  11. It really is beyond time that the poor Challenger got a nice new gun. Against tier 7 and even 8 opponents the 17pndr was good/OK. It is totally useless against t9 mediums, THIS and heaviest (it should not be able to pen a t9 heavy).

    I am still grinding the Challenger and find that it and my AT15 get the very worst MM so always fighting t9.

    Glad I have a new gun to look forward to playing.

  12. Let me edit my own comment…note to self, murder the autocorrect function on your phone.

    It is time for the Challenger to get a buff, i really enjoy playing this tank but it needs help. The speed and maneuverability are awesome but the lack of punch hurts it severely.

    The 17 pndr is a good, high penetrating gun…on Tier 7 and even 8 vehicles. The low Alpha is made up for by the fast reload. However, the 17 pndr will not pen the front of a tier 8 Medium or heavy and struggles on the sides of Tier 9 mediums and heavies generally.

    The 32 pndr that is in the AT-15 research line is pretty good but for the Challenger I would hope that it gets an Alpha damage buff, maybe to 310 – 330. Otherwise, how about putting the 20 Pounder Type A Barrel be used? It would seem to be the more nayural upgrade from the 17 pndr.

    Any gun upgrade will improve this vehicle and I can see it being played by many more players than is currently the case.

  13. I’ll buy Challenger again and play it for fun when this happens! It sounds silly and like a joke to even use “Challenger” and “play for fun” in same sentence lol but I will, with 32pdr it will finally be fun!

  14. They have to change Charioteer as well. I know it’s okay as it is but if Challenger gets 32pdr, 20pdr Type A and Type B guns can no longer be stock Charioteer guns because that wouldnt be logical

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