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Supertest: Three Pilsen Map Variants

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Hello everyone,

Three new variants of Pilsen map have been introduced to Supertest. The map size will increase to 1000 x 1000, as previously announced, but these three versions were introduced so Wargaming is able to test and select the best option for the open area of the map.

My personal favourite is the fist option because it gives the players a few strategy options for the open area of the map. The worse one, for me, is the third version because it creates an area where players will just camp and one with just one point of access. What are your thoughts?

Source: World of Tanks Official VK Page

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  1. I like map 2 over map 1 just because map 1 has the river and soft terrain which would allow to many camping tanks to take the ridge-line opposite the enemy and get them while they are slowed and not maneuverable.
    Map 2 seems to keep the open ground with some houses to allow full fast moment with element of flanking the enemy ridge-line.

    Now Map 3 is interesting…it is essentially the Mines map with access to the hill as a single gate with multiple lanes of fire and approach. I could like that as it looks mirrored equally on both sides and gives each side the chance to have meds and lights do the right thing and fight for entry and holding that area. The field of fire i good enough to have visibility up to the spawn but not the circle itself…so it is a commanding field of fire to control each side and thus why it should be fought for with zeal.

  2. Yep, the 3rd one looks great, as long as it’s not gonna be like the current Mines

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