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Supertest: Tech Tree Changes & Collector Vehicles

During Sandbox, Wargaming has changed several vehicles Tier and Class due to the Tech Tree rework. Based on the results of testing the New Balance in the sandbox, they have now decided to go ahead with these changes and these are now at the Supertest stage.

Wargaming claims they understand the removal of Tier VI to X vehicles is concerning, but they have yet to make a decision on how these will be available. One thing is beyond doubt, all Tier I to V vehicles will be available for credits in the Collector’s Shop. This Supertest will only be dedicated to low-tier vehicles.

According to the change, a number of vehicles will be moved to the Collectors category, meaning if you want to have them in your Hangar, you don’t need to spend any experience on them, all you need to do is to buy them for credits. Some vehicles will also be moved to other Tiers, a total of twelve, and others will have their class changed.

It’s worthy to note that the test focus is narrowed to alterations related to vehicles themselves at this point, with tech trees and status changes put on the back burner. As for how these class/tier changes will be brought to life, the possible solutions are under consideration and once decisions are made, they will be shared with players.

The following vehicles will be moved to other Tiers:

  • Cruiser Mk. I – From Tier II to Tier I
  • Cruiser Mk. II – From Tier III to Tier II
  • Cruiser Mk. III – From Tier II to Tier III
  • Cruiser Mk. IV – From Tier III to Tier IV
  • Valentine – From Tier IV to Tier III
  • Valentine AT – From Tier III to Tier IV
  • Crusader – From Tier V to Tier VI
  • Covenanter – From Tier IV to Tier V
  • BT-7– From Tier III to Tier IV
  • KV-1S – From Tier V to Tier VI
  • A-20 – From Tier IV to Tier V
  • SU-76 – From Tier III to Tier IV

Vehicles to be assigned to other classes:

  • Crusader – From MT to LT
  • T54E1 – From MT to HT
  • VK 30.01 (H) – From HT to MT
  • VK 30.01 (P) – From MT to HT
  • Type 97 Chi-Ha – From MT to LT

New vehicles added to the game:

  • BT-5 – the Soviet Tier III light tank
  • T6 Medium – Tier IV American medium tank
  • Cavalier – a tier V British medium tank

It goes without saying that all the vehicles mentioned will be balanced, and for this purpose, they will enrol into Supertest. Please keep in mind that none of the changes is set in stone and the stats may be subject to further tweaks.


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