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Supertest: T-44 Lightweight – Pictures, Armour & Stats

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Supertest Server will receive it’s first Tier VIII Russian Premium Light Tank: T-44 Lightweight. With excellent dynamics and mobility, this tank will feel very similar to other Russian Light tanks like LTTB, T-54 lightweight and T-100 LT.

While the gun has good accuracy and stabilization, its also it’s weakness. With average damage per minute, low penetration values and mediocre overall armour, the tank will need to be in constant move.

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server, meaning it’s not final and it’s subject to change without any warning.






Tier VIII Light Tank – Premium
Hit Points
Gun 85 mm ZiS-S-53BM
Shell Type  AP / APCR / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration  170 / 210 / 44
Shell Avg. Damage  180 / 180 / 300
Reload Time  5.75s
Rate of Fire  10.43
Aiming Time  1.92
Average Damage per Minute  1,877.1
Accuracy  0.316
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles  -5 / +20
Hull / Turret Traverse Speed  50 / 41.7
Top Speed / Reverse Speed  68 / 20
Terrain Resistance
Hard  0.863
Medium  0.959
Soft  1.918
Hull Armour  90 / 75 / 45
Turret Armour  120 / 90 / 75
Weigh/Load Limit  31.37t / 33.30t
Engine Power  750
Specific Power  23.91
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle  29.6 %
Concealment of Moving Vehicle  22.2 %
View Range  390m
Signal Range  740m
Crew Commander, Gunner, Driver, Loader

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: T-44 Lightweight – Pictures, Armour & Stats

  1. The first lighttank, who have a other camo while moving…

  2. Very strange that most of the time you don’t even bother to mention the source. It is as if all info you provide is of your own, but that isn’t. 😉 This one f.i. is from WoT Express … like most of the Supertest info. Strange coming from a man who puts a CopyRight Disclaimer on his website in which is stated that content can be used with the proper source announcement. 😉

  3. gun is similar to lttb except on DPM. pen is lowest for tier 8 light tied with lttb and B-C 12 t. the damage isnt bad but could be better considering only the B-C and the Bulldog have 10 less and lttb has same. Seems as agile as Lttb and similar gun handling. Armor its the strong point. Best armor of all tier 8 light tanks but remember, its only a light tank. its basicly a slightly nerfed T44 body with the engine and gun of an LTTB
    view range is good enough

    Overal results: (personal opinion)
    -Attack: 2/5
    -Mobility: 3,5/5
    -Agility: 3,5/5
    -Survivability: 4/5
    -Ninja rating: 3,5/5

    -Not a bad light tank, however there are much better options if you are looking for one, such as the Grand Finals Bulldog or the WZ-132. If you want a premium soviet light to train your crews, then sure go for it, but i think BT7-Art. is still funnier to drive 😉

  4. Can’t really see your source too 😉 Then again, everyone knows WOT Express or WOT Leaks are the ones who put the information out.

  5. I think mobility and agility need to be more than 3.5! Look at top speed, engine specific power, terrain resistances and turning speed! it’s mad! 😀 Aside from that, seems it’s going to be an OKish tank to play, gun is gonna be troll as sh*t! 😀

  6. Im giving it 3,5/5 when comparing to the other lights, but i agree it is still very good mobility

    Btw, olá de Portugal 😉

  7. @Harkonnen Isn’t that actually one of the T-44-85 prototypes? The hull looks suspiciously similar…

  8. Could be, I’m not sure. Wargaming does come up with loads of designs I never heard off, mostly from archives we don’t have access.

  9. So it is the prototype, and they are trying to make a LT out of it… hmmm… that’s pretty streched, but so is T-54 lightweight (was supposed to be a medium tank IMHO, just a lighter-armoured T-54), though the first batch of T-44 prototypes was praised for it’s light weight due to an inovative design… but still, IMHO, it should have been named a T-44-85 second prototype instead…

  10. 0.31 accuracy while tier X lights get ~0.45
    IS OF BALANC TOVARISH)))))))))))

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