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Supertest: Super Conqueror – Tier X British Heavy Tank

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It’s official now, Super Conqueror will be coming to the game soon, as a FV215B replacement. Players who have the FV215B in their garage at the time of replacement, will keep the FV215B as a special vehicle and will receive the new Super Conqueror.

The replacement has been planned for a very long time, when back in 2015 Yuri Pasholok suggested it and then Murazor talked about it again in 2016, but it’s finally here.

The tank has been added to Supertest Server, but funny enough it’s still not a finished render, while we can see the tracks are in HD, the rest of the tank it’s still missing a lot of details.

The following information is from Supertest and it’s subject to change before the final version is released to the live server.




Tier X Heavy Tank
Hit Points
Gun 120mm Gun L1A1
Shell Type AP / APCR / HE
Shell Avg. Penetration 259 / 326 / 120
Shell Avg. Damage 400 / 400 / 515
Reload Time 8.918s
Rate of Fire 6.728
Aiming Time 1.92
Average Damage per Minute 2,691.2
Accuracy 0.316
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles -7 / +15
Hull / Turret Traverse Speed 26 / 33.4
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 34.3 / 12
Terrain Resistance
Hard 1.055
Medium 1.247
Soft 2.205
Hull Armour 152 / 76 / 38
Turret Armour 279 / 89 / 70
Weigh/Load Limit 73t/ 77t
Engine Power 950
Specific Power 13.01
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle 8.1 %
Concealment of Moving Vehicle 4 %
View Range 400m
Signal Range 782m
Crew 4

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Super Conqueror – Tier X British Heavy Tank

  1. okay… but what about the Chieftain? Please Wargaming, please, just for once don’t do something stupid like removing one of my favorite tanks (WT auf E-100/FV4202 at tier 10), or nerf them to **** (T110E4/Foch 155) and make it an alternative tank in the tech tree.

  2. It looks like a 3d model without textures I feel…
    But what does this gain us? The only real change is the mid mounted turret and that’s both better and worse considering you still only get 7 degrees of gun depression…

  3. What part exactly is the imaginary upgrade part? As far as I can tell (but I don’t know all the specifics) this is actually slightly worse compared to the real-life Conqueror Mk.I…

  4. Just a quick glance:

    This one is heavier (73t vs 64t)
    This one has less armor (152mm vs 180mm)
    Slightly less top speed (34.3kph vs 35kph)
    This one does have a more powerful engine, but I have no idea how terrain resistance would translate into real life…
    The real life L1 (based on the American 120mm M58, also used for the M103) was much better than this one…

  5. someone clearly didn’t do their homework. The “Super Conqueror” is the Conqueror with the battle plates, spaced armor that could be mounted and demounted when enter/exiting combat. Even the new turret here was a designed upgrade for it. There’s nothing imaginary about it and is as historical as the Chieftain

  6. There’s enough prototypes to make a line from tier 7 or 8 so it’s entirely possible… Here’s hoping we get the majestic Chieftain at some point soon

  7. The mobility seems a little disapointing. Aiming time is also strange, it’s worse than the standard tier 9 Conqueror. I’m quite curious, if the additional armor plates are really effective against HEAT ammo.

  8. Guys stop talking about the chieftain it is a mbt (main battle tank) if they would add it it would be a med just because a tank is slow it doesnt mean its a heavy a heavy tank must be 45 tons or more but that is ww2 standards its most likely 55-65 tons so stop complaining and deal with it

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