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Supertest: Soviet Light Tank T-116

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In 1937, the head of the ABTU initiated the creating of a new reconnaissance tank. New tactical and technical requirements were issued in the Autumn of 1937, it was stated the tank should not be amphibious and have the same wheel-track type of the BT series. Work ion the project was carried out by the design bureau of the Plant Nº 185. It was planned to use an aircraft air-cooled engine and transmission of the PT-1 and T-29 tanks. Work on the project was cancelled and the tank never left the design stage.

The T-116 light tank has entered the Supertest today, as a Soviet Tier III Light Tank. A fast and dynamic vehicle created for reconnaissance needs, it has a top speed of 60 km/h and a  view range of 320 meters. Its 45-mm gun is enough to score penetrating hits against adversaries of the same tier. No further details were given on the future of the vehicle, but as previous tanks of this Tier, it should be a gift tank.








Tier II Tier III 45 mm 20K Tier III Tier III
Please Note
These characteristics apply to the vehicle with a 100% trained crew. Please note they might change as they are from Supertest stage.
Tier III
Hit Points 230 (HP)
Hull Armour 15 / 13 / 13 (mm)
Turret Armour 15 / 13 /13 (mm)
Penetration 51 / 84 / 23 (mm)
47 / 47 / 62(HP)
Rate of Fire
27.21 (rpm)
Reload Time
2.21 (s)
Turret Traverse Speed 40 (deg/s)
Depression / Elevation -5 / +30 (deg)
Accuracy 0.420
Aim Time 1.90 (s)
Damage per Minute 1,279 (HP/m)
Aiming Circle Spread
after Shot 3.500 (a)
on Turret Traverse 0.140 (a)
on Vehicle Move 0.220 (a)
on Vehicle Traverse 0.220 (a)
on Turret Full Speed Traversing 5.600 (a)
on Vehicle Full Speed Moving 13.200 (a)
on Vehicle Full Speed Traversing 10.560 (a)
Weight / Load Limit 10.50 / 13.00 (t)
Engine Power 335 (h.p.)
Specific Power
31.90 (h.p./t)
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 60 / 20 (km/h)
Chassis Traverse Speed 48.00 (deg/s)
Terrain Resistance 1.151 / 1.247 / 2.205 (m/s2)
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%) 32.10 / 9.31 (%)
Concealment of Moving Vehicle (%) 24.00 / 6.96(%)
View Range 320 (m)
Signal Range 300 (m)
Crew Members CommanderGunner

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  1. just sad they spam us with soviet gift tanks when there are 10 other (more interesting) nations.

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