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Supertest: Soviet IS-2-II is here with its double-barrel!

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The Soviet IS-2 Version II with double-barrel guns it’s making it’s way to Supertest. Soviet double-barrel tanks will be released on Update 1.7, as Wargaming has been testing the Tier VIII with a “test vehicle”, also known as Object 703 VII (100). Final stages of these Supertest should be seen in the near future, to wrap it up and get ready for release. More information as soon as available, for now, here’s what was shared in Russian.

The first vehicle in the new two-barreled tank branch, the IS-2-II has several main armament options. Stats-wise, a couple of 100-mm guns is the best. The average damage dealt by each is 300 points; the armour penetration is 221 mm with a basic round and 256 mm with a special one. The gun dispersion equals 0.4 m per 100 m, and the aiming time is 2.8 seconds, with decent stabilization.

The frontal hull armour of the IS-2-II is up to 110 mm thick. The turret protection is much better, with up to 235 mm at the front. To survive and excel in combat, you will have to position this tank right, making the most out of its turret armour and gun depression of –7 degrees. The overall HP pool of the IS-2-II is 1,500 points.

The dynamics of the vehicle is what you would expect from a heavy. The top speed is 34 km/h, with a specific power of 14 hp per ton, and the hull traverse speed is 30 degrees per second. The view range is 350 m.

By its stats, the IS-2-II is a classic heavy, and it’s much like the majority of this class in terms of gameplay. Yet its unusual armament of coupled guns makes a difference here, enabling this tank to dish out a lot of damage in one thunderous salvo.

*Article updated at 12:00 PM with more information and English stats.

Source: WOT Leaks

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15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Soviet IS-2-II is here with its double-barrel!

  1. Seems pretty balanced tbh, outrageous long reload of 25 sec+ for 600 alpha doesn’t make it OP, far from it. It might be an interesting tank to play, adding variety into the MM. Looking forward to it. Do we already know how much XP will be needed to unlock the tier VIII?

  2. So what is the point of the IS-4 now? It is completely outcl***ed and obsolete. Wasn’t the double barrel thing supposed to be the reworked IS-4 line? Has the IS-4 branch rework just been completely abandoned?

  3. Given the fact that “autoreloader type” reload is necessary to be balanced, and for the same reason the sequential reload (instead of simultaneus) of the two guns after a “double barrell shot”, i think the BIG drawback of this type of tank is the “time preparation” for double shot. That’s a real nonsense: impossible to take chancy shot (like, eg: EBRs, meds at full speed, shots through windows etc) and also it lows your dpm from 1900ish to 1300ish. I feel the DPM loss is a balance factor, but instead i think that the possibility to shot both guns right away should be implemented: its simple to do this, use the double click mode of WoWS naval guns as double shot, than put 8 seconds of “gun locked time” and than consecutive gun loading time. This way the dpm is the same but we have the possibility to shot the two guns at zero time: i think this would be the real deal of this tanks. my two cents.

  4. I’m sure with the Sandbox rework they keep threatening, all other rebalence projects stopped. The E100 and IS-4 were the last line to get rework for 2019 if I remember

  5. She’s a beauty! look at her nice big guns! She has 221 standard pen and -7 degrees depression and a great turret, but 34kph and needing 2 Loaders is pretty **** though. I like it, I’m definitely getting her even though my IS-3A ****s all over it.

    Her view range and dispersion sucks just as much as the IS-3A though, gonna hope it has that magical Russian gun handling.

  6. Hey, a guy can dream right! That curvy cast hull and beautiful turret, mmm, who can blame me.

  7. I don’t know … those Russian tanks all look the same to me. But then I guess I’m biased, because I’m a sucker for German tanks. After all, somebody needs to have some German bias because Wargaming certainly doesn’t.

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