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Supertest: Sommar Second Iteration

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Today, the map Sommar returns to Supertest for a second iteration.

The following changes were made:

  • Field 2 was completely reworked;
  • Hill 3 was improved significantly to make gameplay less chaotic;
  • Town 1, the crossroads were widened, a safe passage to zone 3 was added, a line of fire under the bridge in zone 4 was added. The exits from the town towards the bases became a bit safer.
  • Minor fixes in different spots.
  1. A town with narrow streets suitable for slow, well-armoured vehicles.
  2. Hills with scarce vegetation and lack of cover for manoeuvrable vehicles and for playing from the distance. The team that controls this area gets access to hill 3.
  3. A hill with vegetation and cover with good lines of fire at area 1.
  4. A bog with dense, high grass. An additional line that allows for sneaking to the enemy’s rear.

Before/After Screenshots

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