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Supertest: Sommar Map Arrives at Supertest

1 min read

A brand new map called Sommar as arrived at Supertest today. No detailed plans were shared, so we don’t know when and if this map will arrive at the live server.

With a Summer setting and standard size of 1000 meters by 1000 meters, the map offers wide-open areas, a village at the centre of the map and rocky areas for cover.

  1. A town with narrow streets, suitable for slow well-armoured vehicles.
  2. Hills with scarce vegetation and lack of cover for manoeuvrable vehicles and for playing from the distance. The team that controls this area gets access to hill 3.
  3. A hill with vegetation and cover with good lines of fire at area 1.
  4. A bog with dense, high grass. An additional line that allows for sneaking to the enemy’s rear.

Sommar Screenshots