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Supertest: Škoda T 56 Tier VIII Czech Heavy Tank

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Ready for more Czechoslovakian heavy tanks? Today the Škoda T 56, Premium Tier VIII Czech Heavy Tank will enter Supertest and start paving the road for high tier vehicles for the new branch. And the answer to the question many have been asking, will the Czech heavy tanks feature autoloaders? Yes, at least the Škoda T 56 and by the looks of it, all Tier VIII, IX and X upcoming vehicles will too.

The Škoda T 56 will feature a 130mm gun with a 2-shell autoloader, dealing 460 HP damage per shot but with a 4 s reload time between shots and the magazine reloads in 25 seconds! With a mediocre penetration value for the AP shell of 208 mm, it features a decent value for the HEAT shell of 290 mm.

As a conventional heavy tank, the tank will feature 220 mm frontal turret armour, but a weaker 100 mm frontal hull armour and 1,500 HP durability. The vehicle has a 13.5 h.p./t specific power, meaning it won’t struggle to reach its 35 km/h top speed if it’s not going up a hill.

Last but not least, the vehicle will feature a four crew, with Commander, Gunner, Loader and Driver, so you can start training your crews to get ready for it when it comes out. More details coming soon.

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  1. That looks sick! Cant wait to play it. Cause it seems to be some up-gunned and up-armoured T-55 :O

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