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Supertest: Rinoceronte Gets Changed Yet Again!

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The Italian Tier X heavy tank Rinoceronte got its sixth iteration on Supertest. Yes, the upcoming Italian heavy tank has to the characteristics changed six times, seems Wargaming developers were not happy with the last set of changes, so this time we get some buffs compared to the previous changes, but some nerf too.

List of Changes to Rinoceronte

  • Rate of fire changed from 3.67 to 3.90
  • Reloading time for the first shell changed from 20.56 to 19.58
  • Reloading time for the second shell changed from 17.62 to 16.64
  • Reloading time for the third shell changed from 16.35 to 15.37
  • Armour penetration for HEAT changed from 310 to 325
  • Average damage per minute changed from 1,798 to 1,913
  • Average damage per minute with HE changed from 2,349 to 2,498
  • Average shell speed changed from 1,061 to 756 on HEAT and HE.
  • Engine Power changed from 650 to 700
  • Specific Power changed from 14.54 to 15.65

As always, remember these changes are not final and might get changed yet again soon, as vehicle rebalance can continue until it is released on the live server.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Rinoceronte Gets Changed Yet Again!

  1. Horrible changes. Especially with the shell velocity now the tank wont be able to be more flexible, and will never a be a huge success in competitive CW

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