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Supertest: Pearl River Iteration II

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The general idea behind the redesign is to reduce the map’s excessive linearity in those locations where it can provide an additional effect to gameplay variety. Based on this key concept, two redesign options are currently in the works.

Option 1

  1. The central hill with houses has been reworked. Now you can roll onto it and control a pretty considerable part of the map. This constitutes a vital part of the gameplay now.
  2. The houses under the hill have been either removed or transferred onto the hill to prevent heavy player separation along the direction.
  3. The entire south-west has been reworked into a more open area with both the possibility of quick attacks and flank manoeuvres as well as concealment.
  4. The mountains near the bases have been revised—now they can be used to maintain defence.

Option 2

In terms of global changes: all the shrubbery has been removed from the map, there is nothing but trees now. Only felled trees can be used for concealment now.

  1. The HT zone has been connected to the central zone via a passage.
  2. Additional safer passages towards the bases have been added to the HT zone. They pass along the edges of the map, allowing for greater flexibility of movement.
  3. Due to terrain changes, the mountains near the bases can now be partially traversed. Now, these zones can be used to maintain defence.
  4. Only destructible buildings have been left in the central part of the village.
  5. The terrain has been slightly reworked. The elevations have been flattened to allow for more secure retreats.
  6. A mountain that was previously impassable has been made traversable.

The future of the Pearl River map changes depends on the outcome of testing.