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Supertest: Panhard AML Lynx 6×6

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Today, yet another French wheeled armoured vehicle entered the Supertest – Panhard AML Lynx 6×6, an interesting choice of Tier VIII vehicle compared to the Panhard EBR 75, that would be a better fit in the branch.

Panhard AML Lynx 6x6

Nonetheless, the vehicle is going to be checked for balance settings and continue to test the new game mechanics.  The final decision will be made based on the final mechanics and performance characteristics for the entire mini-branch. This vehicle is designed on a different wheelbase when compared with the EBR series, with three axes instead of four. It will retain the all-wheel-drive feature from the EBR, as the vehicle will be the first in the branch to have the new mechanics.

Panhard AML Lynx 6x6

The Panhard AML Lynx will be armed with a 90 mm autoloader with an average 240 alpha damage per shot, a strange feature to have since the Tier IX and X won’t have this feature. Aside from this, it will follow the same principle of other vehicles for the mini-branch: fast and manoeuvrable in motion but not able to turn when stationary. It also features good gun stabilization and concealment but is countered with a very reduced view range.

As per usual, depending on the test results the characteristics of the vehicle and the game mechanics linked to it may change. Let us know what you think, excited for the new vehicle or should Wargaming have picked a different one? Leave your comments below.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Panhard AML Lynx 6×6

  1. Any word on whether the crews will match for these wheeled vehicles? The tank they branch from only has a crew of two. The WoT article about the Premium said it had a crew of 4. Some people are looking to use the females from the upcoming Ops to man this new line…

  2. I really like the Lynx, more than the previous one. But an autoloader with 240 alpha on that type of “tank” seems pretty annoying to play against.

  3. Id love to see that as well – quick wiki check says that Lynx should have 3 (commander, driver, gunner), but later Panhard 4. The most interesting part par EBR is “Crew: 4 men (1 vehicle commander, 1 gunner, 1 driver, 1 rear driver)” so maybe we will see 1st tank with two drivers, but there are already tanks that have been crew-wise balanced (O-I with 11 crewmembers is still my favourite)

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