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Supertest: Two Barrels equals twice the firepower!

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World of Tanks Supertest will soon be getting its first dual-barrel tank: Object 703 II. Wargaming is still working and testing the new mechanic and claims it will only be implemented in-game depending on feedback. The first test will be performed on a baseline vehicle, named Object 703 II, a Kirovets with two 122mm guns. Double-barrel guns need to be of the same calibre to work.

A double-barrel gun will have three different ways to fire:

  • Cycle mode
  • Consecutive fire
  • Double Shoot with both guns at the same time.

Cycle mode is the normal mode as other tanks, players fire the first gun, wait for it to be reloaded and then fire the second gun. Because there are two guns, only one can be active, the game switches between guns automatically after each shoot. Consecutive fire is similar to other auto-reloading guns, you can fire each gun after the other but with a catch: if the second gun is fired, the reload on the first gun is interrupted.

The interesting part is firing both guns, this was made simple by holding the left mouse button. Shoot preparation will start and when it ends both guns will fire straight away. If you want to cancel the preparation, you just need to let go of the left mouse button before preparation is finished. This will interrupt the guns from firing, and you can use the guns normally again. If both guns are fired at the same time, they will enter lock mode and won’t be able to reload for a short period of time.

A new mechanic brings new things, and penetration and damage will also be affected. Each gun penetration and damage will have its calculations, so it will be possible for one gun to penetrate while the other won’t, depending on distance, angles, etc. Also, if a gun is blocked by an obstacle, like a wall, the shell will hit the obstacle, but the other will hit the target. Last but not least, ammunition change, if a player decides to change between AP and APRC while one gun is loaded, that will mean that both guns need to be reloaded.

Article updated at 14:15 GMT.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Two Barrels equals twice the firepower!

  1. its ******ed designe.. they had a good reason for not making it real tank……. if it would like in real life those guns would kill each other because of the muzzle blast… if WG is doing things like implementing dream tanks then they could implement even the siege tanks from Star Craft, or Scorpion from The Halo series, and etc…

  2. Kinda off… Ships have two or more guns, as long as the guns are spaced they can be used. Also, other tanks like the KV-7 had three guns and were tested with success. There was even a proposal to have three guns on a T-34, look for the T-34-3.

  3. Is this strictly double barrel, or multi gun. Although I can accept a new Soviet Medium/Heavy line, what about all the other tanks. M3 lee/grant, churchill 1, Japanese heavys, and low tier France

  4. Its double gun, not multi-gun. I don’t see a reason why not implement a multi-gun/turret system soon.

  5. This is stupid and obviously overpowered AF. Of course the russians would push this, because why not make a terrible real life design super broken in this game? Add it to the list of failed Objects that tear *** in wot.

  6. Think that you need to think if you want to fire both shells at once etc. If you do so, than you need to wait 7-9 sec until you can realode again. Wich is a great time to punish the enemy.

  7. We saw it’s a russian tonk, so we know what we are expecting:
    Twice the firepower. Stalinum armor. Medium tank speed. Godlike accuracy. Shorter reload

    No russian bias.

  8. which tank line do u think I must prepare to be ready for this tanks??? is3, kv4 or it will be brand new line

  9. I think Kv4. Is3 already have two lines after it. The is7 and obj 277.
    But there was the ST 2, so either that tank will be a second line after the KV-4 or be a replacement to the IS 4.
    I hope tho it will be a alternative line after the Kv 4 or even KV 3.

  10. MTLS is also on PC and has “double-barrel” that works as one barrel, so yes, these will be the first true double-barrel.

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