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Supertest: Object 703 II – Double Barreled Premium Heavy Tank

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While Wargaming claims they are just interested in the concept, it would be strange to go to the trouble of creating an HD model of a tank to not put it in the game. Baring in mind, not a lot of these vehicles could even fit the Tiers needed, some mechanic work is necessary to produce tanks to fit the places.

Nevertheless, behold, Object 703 II just arrived at Supertest and it’s ready to start its testing. Be prepared to have double-barreled vehicles roaming the battlefields maybe even before Christmas. But for now, Wargaming is going to use this dummy vehicle, like they call it, to see how the concept works, etc. Let’s face it: it’s just the final tests as everything is almost ready to be released (tweet tweet sekret bird).

Another warning we have been issued is that ‘None of this vehicle’s characteristics should be taken seriously.’, but should we take them seriously or more like a test? We all know it’s a test, so let’s see what gets tweaked and send back to the live server.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Object 703 II – Double Barreled Premium Heavy Tank

  1. very high armor STRONGER THAN DEFENDER!!! with mini-lower plate
    good pen and damage (great gold pen)
    short reload. 2 guns reaload shorter than tanks with one gun??!!!
    good engine
    0.44 acc, but we know that means 0.32 in russian.
    350 view range is too short. Guess that’s how they “balance” thist ank?

    It’s defender 2.0, “Stalinum’s Glory”.
    We all know its kinda OP as it is, so it will be buffed even more. Poor Tiger 2 drivers.

  2. How isn’t this balanced for tier 8? It will do the same damage as a stock is3

  3. Just looking at the armor its not going to be as good as the IS3 when sidescraping. Looks like it lacks the spaced armor on the sides that the IS3 has.

    Basically this tank on paper seems OP but its just going to be a one trick pony and not as flexible as other heavies. This means if its unsupported then chances are it won’y last long in a firefight.


    Doesn’t look that strong, weak asf lower plate and upper can get pen 50/50 with 250mm AP, obj 703 ll will use an enlarged kirovets-1 turret(IS-3 stock turret) with better armor, and the same hull as kirovets-1, better side scraping ability than is-3 and that’s it, def slower than is-3a and defender.

    Ppl crying about it’s armor… pfff, defender has way better armor. Looks more balance than defender and is-3a for sure.

  5. Many say that this tank will be op because of the canon. But when you do the math with dpm. Yes you can kill a tier 6 tank when you fire both guns at the same time. BUT it will take 26 sec to load both guns. Maybe 5 sec to just charge the gun and we are up to 31 sec. But when you have fired the gun are on a cool down on 7 sec. And after all that we are up to 38 sec. DO you guys rly think this will be OP ?

  6. **** my life. Why? The gane all ready is ****ed trash with op russian heavys weelled franch paper he shooting f1 formula. And now this? Beter buff some tank. Not create new pain in the ***

  7. The russian supertesters are going to **** us again. This is a stupid, broken mechanic and so obviously biased. Shame on you people.

  8. Not saying that the tanks is OP or not, but you can’t judge its armor based on what you see on paper… I mean look at the swedish meds, they have crap armor on paper, but put them in a reach line, boom, almost impenetrable even with HEAT.
    Look at Maus, awesome on paper, takes tier 10 premium shells in the face and cries like a baby just like the Type 5.

    So, you can’t judge the armor of that Obj 703 yet, we need either to have it on the battle or to have a model of the tank in, 140mm of frontal armor is nothing very conclusive, look at 53TP and IS-3 frontal hull armor, both have 110mm but the IS-3 has a pike nose while the 53TP has a simple upper plate (like a T-44 or a 113) which makes the IS-3 worst to sidescrape but better in just standing in front of the enemy (ignoring the reversed sidescrap capabilities of the IS-3).

    About the gun, it might have better reload than the IS-3 (right now), but it can be like the IS-3A that has better reload than the IS-3 with the first shell that you load, but it can’t take a gun rammer while the IS-3 can (I know this does not balance the IS-3A, it’s just an example). So, if the Obj 703 can’t take a gun rammer the IS-3 will have better reload by using a gun rammer.

    PS: This are just possibilites and I know that it’s wargaming, they can do anything with a Premium Russian heavy tank…
    But let’s hope that they will add somethings that I said… like not being able to use a gun rammer and may be (who knows) weakpoints XD

  9. Was wondering if I should come back to the game. This is my answer (a sad no…)

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