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Supertest: New Map ‘Palmanova’ Undergoes Testing

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A brand new map arrives on Supertest: Palmanova. The map is 1,000 by 1,000 meters in size, designed for Standard Battles and has a Summer setting. Wargaming seems to be starting to test mirrored maps, that tend to be easier to learn and balance! A good move in my opinion, but if you would like to give feedback about the map, don’t forget to fill out the survey from Wargaming! Closes on Monday, 30 January 2022!



  1. Small blocks of houses create positions for tanking with the turret or hull—perfect for heavy vehicles.
  2. Driving along the street to the central point is not safe for light and medium tanks, but it will provide an advantage in terms of control over most of the map.
  3. The open park area allows manoeuvrable light tanks to provide primary spotting of enemy vehicles.
  4. The main point of encounter of medium tanks is the Lavra. Using it will allow medium tanks to develop a swift attack on the rest of the map.
  5. Areas for tank destroyers and lightly armoured vehicles. They allow for control of the centre and the flank of the medium tanks.



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10 thoughts on “Supertest: New Map ‘Palmanova’ Undergoes Testing

  1. Sollen mal lieber das Match Making überarbeiten oder den Zugang zum Server beim Spielestart. Ne lieber neue Tanks ins Game einführen.

  2. Harkonnen any toughts what will wargaming do with recon maps from last year .Because like 7 from 9maps from recon were way better then the maps now in random games .IT will be a loss for wargaming and maybe some comunmity WHO tested these maps and gived their feedback.Is there a problem for wargaming to replace some Old maps for new maps form last recon?I dont understand wargaming why the … are they doing mew maps , feedbacks and another recon mission without introducing them to the game.

  3. What is whit the last year maps? At first that need to take in the game.

  4. When maps from last year recon mission will arive to the game .Like 7 from 9 mapa were better than the random ones now .I dont understand what is wargaming doing

  5. Looks great. Just that they will make more off of Just Another Russian Premium Heavy and won’t bother releasing this.

  6. Another mirror map… I hate those : so easy to balance and far away from reality. Berlin is a total disaster in that sense. WG doesn’t want to put in the effort to create balanced ***ymetrical maps.

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