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Supertest: New Map ‘Pacific’ Undergoes Testing

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A brand new map arrives on Supertest: Pacific. The map is 1,000 by 1,000 meters in size, designed for Standard Battles and has a Summer setting. Wargaming seems to be starting to test mirrored maps, that tend to be easier to learn and balance! A good move in my opinion, but if you would like to give feedback about the map, don’t forget to fill out the survey from Wargaming! Closes on Monday, 30 January 2022!



  1. A dangerous coastline with sparse cover—an extremely risky direction, but it can be used in the later stages of the battle.
  2. The airfield is a mostly flat surface that allows for firefights with enemies spotted by the most daring scouts in the early stage of the battle. There are positions for spotting the enemy.
  3. The mountainous gorge—a linear direction suitable for slow and heavily armoured vehicles.
  4. The castle ruins in the corner will be useful for fast vehicles that manage to get to them before the enemy.