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Supertest: New Map ‘Kassel’ Undergoes Testing

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A brand new map arrives on Supertest: Kassel. The map is 1,000 by 1,000 meters in size, designed for Standard Battles and has a Western Europe Summer setting. If you would like to give feedback about the map, don’t forget to fill out the survey from Wargaming! Closes on Monday, 7 February 2022 at 00:00 CET.



  1. Main clash area for well-armoured vehicles. A large number of positions to repel enemy attacks. These positions are at different distances, giving a choice of the most convenient firing point.
  2. An area for a risky manoeuvre to outflank enemy heavy tanks.
  3. Main clash area for medium and light tanks. Many bushes are scattered about the area. The area is good for vehicles with solid turrets, and guns that feature good depression angles.
  4. Spots to control enemy manoeuvres on the map and to repel rapid flank breakthroughs.
  5. Positions for a stealthy retreat. Space for concealed manoeuvres during the late stages of battle.



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