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Supertest: New Map Ivanovka Arrives at Supertest

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A lot of map testing is happening at Supertest this week with yet another new map arriving at Supertest: Ivanovka. As all previous maps, no details were shared about the plans or when its due to be released.

With a standard size of 1,000 meters by 1,000 meters and an Eastern Front setting, brings the almost typical winter setting to the map, with open areas and a small village to provide cover for heavily armoured vehicles.

  1. The hollow along the icy shoreline suits heavy tank gameplay.
  2. The area of vegetation will provide space for passive scouting and tank destroyer positions.
  3. Terrain folds for active scouting in light tanks.
  4. A hill with good positions for medium tanks.

Ivanovka Screenshots

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  1. As long as they dont remove maps. In the end I want more maps not the same number but different.

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