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Supertest: New Map Asia Ravine Arrives at Supertest

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World of Tanks Supertest gets yet another new map: Asia Ravine. With an Autumn/Winter setting and size of 1,000 by 1,000 meter, the map offers mixed gameplay for all classes. No further details shared about the plans for this map.

Gameplay Description

  • A semi-enclosed area for heavy tanks.
  • Large hills allow control over the majority of the map with almost any vehicle type, particularly medium tanks.
  • The connection of routes across the ravine in the centre of the map allows light tanks to play a key role in battles.
  • There are additional tank destroyer positions for holding off the enemy offensive.

Map Screenshots

1 thought on “Supertest: New Map Asia Ravine Arrives at Supertest

  1. Yay more corridors… Thats what we want… more and more flat corridors for our russian tonks to rule!
    so many maps being “tested” and years later, theyre still under testing, whats going on?

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