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Supertest: More Premium Vehicles Rebalance Incoming

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At the end of 2020, World of Tanks started to reintroduce Premium vehicles into Supertest to test new parameters and rebalance them and the first vehicles were STG, T26E4 Super Pershing, STA-2 and T-34-3.

Now it’s time for the second set of vehicles to be introduced to Supertest and see if they can be rebalanced to fit the current meta: M41D, FV1066 Senlac, T92 and ISU-130.

All light tanks will just feature minor changes to characteristics they are currently lacking, but the ISU-130 will receive significant changes. The Soviet tank destroyer was never available for the EU Region, and as far as I can remember, it was sold a few times in the NA Region.

The vehicle itself is nothing special, just another ISU with a 130mm gun, similar to SU-100Y where regular ammo has different alpha to the premium version, and in its current form, nothing that makes it stand or even good to have in the garage. Maybe with the proposed changes, we might see it becoming available for all regions?

Here are the proposed changes for these vehicles, all values are base values without Crew or any other bonuses:

ISU-130 – Tier VIII Soviet Premium Tank Destroyer

  • Regular AP penetration value changed from 215 to 238 (mm);
  • Premium AP penetration value changed from 187 to 212 (mm);
  • Regular AP shell speed changed from 898 to 960 (m/s);
  • HE shell speed changed 702 to 850 (m/s);
  • Gun traverse range changed from -2/10 to -10/10 (°);
  • Engine Power changed from 520 to 600 (hp);
  • Power/weight changed from 11.06 to 12.8 (hp/t);
  • Ammunition capacity changed from 25 to 35.

T92 – Tier VIII American Premium Light Tank

  • APCR shell penetration value changed from 175 to 189 (mm);
  • HEAT shell penetration value changed from 210 to 230 (mm).

M41D – Tier VIII Chinese Premium Light Tank

  • Top Speed changed from 65 to 68 (km/h);
  • Reverse Speed changed from 22 to 24 (km/h);
  • View Range changed from 390 to 410 (m).

FV1066 Senlac – Tier VIII British Premium Light Tank

  • View Range changed from 400 to 410 (m);
  • Gun Accuracy changed from 0.38 to 0.35 dispersion at 100m.

7 thoughts on “Supertest: More Premium Vehicles Rebalance Incoming

  1. 58 people got the ISU-130 on EU, who the frik cares about this tank … there are many other important tanks to buff… like the 111, 112, IS 6, Mauerbrecher, Chrysler, T25 Pilot 1, CDC, FCM ect.

    1. All tanks deserve some love I say… my ISU-130 is very thankful

  2. Is there a mistake here? Regular rounds have higher pen than premium?

    Regular AP penetration value changed from 215 to 238 (mm);

    Premium AP penetration value changed from 187 to 212 (mm);

    1. No, the tank has the same “feature” as the SU-100Y. Premium ammo deals more damage but has less penetration.

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