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Supertest: Minsk Map New Changes

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Minsk could be called a non-ending changing map, with the number of iterations it already had. Today, Supertest server gets yet another Minsk version, with reworked locations that should enhance gameplay and fix the map’s problematic areas.

What is going to change?

  1. The courts behind the “?????? ?????? ??????????” (“The People’s Deeds Are Immortal”) buildings have been opened.
  2. The map setting has been changed to autumn—the foliage has been removed from the trees. Some shrubbery has been added in the park.
  3. The riverbed has been drained and turned into a playable zone. Several exits from the riverbed have been added in various parts of the map.
  4. The white fence along the central avenue has been removed and substituted with hills.
  5. Some covers have been added along the street on line 9.
  6. The map size has been slightly increased, and a passage has been added behind the buildings along line K.
  7. The encounter area at the “small town” has been completely redesigned—a subway construction site has been added.
  8. The red borderline has been shifted—the remote passage along line 1 has been removed.
  9. Additional covers along the upper part of the street on line 2 have been added.
  10. The alternative variant differs by an additional passage in the “small town”.

The future of thes changes depend on he outcome of testing, meaning we never know if we will see yet another version trying to save an unsaveble map.

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  1. Now they need to do the same with every map that has area that can’t be used. Maps are small enough, no reason to have 25% of the map no go zones.

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