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Supertest: Minsk Map Changes

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It’s not been long since World of Tanks received the map Minsk, dedicated to Wargaming home city and current World of Tanks headquarters, but that doesn’t mean the map is good and doesn’t need changes already.

Today, a revised version of the Minsk map was released to Supertest, the idea of this revised version is to make it more tactically diverse and better suited to all classes. The current version of the map seems to drag the action into two small areas and doesn’t offer much dynamic gameplay.

Minsk Map
Minsk map currently in World of Tanks

In an attempt to improve the gameplay, the game area will move further north, closer to the theatre, while moving the bases to the south-east and north-west parts of the map.

World of Tanks Minsk Map v2
World of Tanks Minsk Map v2

The new relief of the map central area will make it more suitable for active manoeuvring and should offer more opportunities. The historical aspects of the map will not change and landmarks will still stay the same but these changes should, hopefully, bring some more dynamic gameplay.

On a personal note, such changes so soon after the map was released, continues to prove Supertest is an outdated and ineffective model of testing, at least for maps. Map design is hard, to get the perfect game balance isn’t easy and will always be one of the biggest challenges, but something needs to change so these changes aren’t so often and so drastic in the future.

What are your thoughts? Should these changes come to the live server, would you change something else? Do you think Wargaming should change how they test maps? Leave your thoughts in the comment section.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Minsk Map Changes

  1. It looks like they took out the foliage. I hope I’m wrong. I have to agree that all kinds of goofy stuff p***es super test.

  2. WG , must do somthing with ENSK map . is to small , for SPG . for spoters , for snipers TD.

  3. There are many maps with poor design. Which has to do with a couple of things. 1) limited options for all tank cl***es. 2) static map design, no map variants. 3) number of paths / lanes is often limited to two or three at max. etc. 4) grand battle maps only for tier X. Only two variants really (either a city map or one with an open field.

    so… more variation would be welcome.

  4. The map should me made into an East/fight and not a north/south fight. It would make things a lot better for each team and not hole them up in a city corridor which gets boring.

  5. It’s just a mediocre map.

    It’s too small and doesn’t have enough face to face city fighting Shooting across the elevated central road is where I seem to end up mostmost often.

    Glad WG are on top of this.

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