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Supertest: Minsk gets further changes!

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When you think that World of Tanks map Minsk can’t be changed anymore, Wargaming decides to introduce even further changes in Supertest. The map needs a serious rework, it’s one of the least favourite maps in the game and with these series of changes we lost count on how many times it has changed.

Here’s a list of changes that will be tested:

  • Added river crossings near both sides of the central bridge to provide an opportunity for manoeuvring if you need to change positions
  • Large trees and some bushes from the landscape area were removed for easier driving and spotting
  • Positions for tank destroyers are now clearer and more comfortable
  • The long firing sectors in the landscape area along the avenue were removed. The landscape area was reworked to provide more tactical opportunities. Some hills allow taking advantage of the elevation/depression angles and strong turrets. Those changes in the landscape allow moving along the whole avenue on both sides
  • Added a new position – an unfinished building – as a counterpart to the circus
  • Added a path in the city for the team starting in the upper part to help them get to positions easier and allow for additional manoeuvring in the city block
  • The city blocks behind Victory Square were opened; it’s now possible to engage vehicles in the city
  • The base positions were changed, and the landscape was corrected
  • We expanded the ford near the top base and removed some embarkment area elements, so driving is easier and more straightforward now
  • We completely reworked the yard layouts in the western part of the map; they are now more spacious and fit for manoeuvring. To keep the historical layout, the structure of the two entrances remains. However, it’s now possible to fire through the entrance near the red line at mid-range. Medium tanks will have more space in these yards, there will be fewer encounters with groups of enemies, and it will be easier to fall back from them
  • The white fence pillars in the landscape area blocking fire and movement were removed

Of course, none of these changes are final and we don’t know if we are going to either see a new Supertest version or if this is going to be implemented. Overall, Minsk is still of my least favourite maps in the game and I don’t think any change will make a difference.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Minsk gets further changes!

  1. WG, you have to let go. It’s like trying to reanimate a two weeks old corpse.
    Walk into the light, minsk.

  2. Effectively shrunk. Completely the wrong way to go. A fine review though.

  3. Nice to see them try, but no, WG, you will not make me unban the map from the rotation

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