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Supertest: Map “Airshipyard” Returns to Testing

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After the first Recon Mission stage, Wargaming analysed the feedback from players, based on which they redesigned the Airshipyard map.

Two zones have been changed: medium tanks direction (1) and the central part of the map intended for light tanks (2). The goal of these changes are:

  • Increase the interest in the medium area by creating an active connection with the center of the map, adding new positions and covers.
  • Improve the position of light tanks on the map by reworking the terrain and adding more vegetation.
  • Increase the number of positions for tank destroyers.

1- A tunnel has been added to that area as a comfortable fighting point. The railway has been shifted to the edge of the map. A lot of terrain irregularities as cover, as well as a large amount of vegetation have been added.

2- The centre of the map connects the medium and heavy tank directions. Terrain, cover, and bushes make this area convenient for light tanks.

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