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Supertest: M4A1 FL 10 French Premium Medium

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The M4A1 FL 10 melds together American and French engineering concepts, being a classic Sherman but with an oscillating turret and an autoloader, an upcoming French Premium Tier VI medium tank.

French engineers introduced several innovations to the Sherman tank design, including the oscillating turret, which was very different from all previous turret designs ever mounted on a Sherman chassis. However, the French only modified a handful of Sherman tanks to the M4A1 FL 10 and never used it within the ranks of their own army. Instead, the M4A1 FL 10 was purely intended as an export vehicle for Egypt.

The M4A1 FL 10 has good mobility and though its gun can’t boast high alpha it has a four-shell clip. The autoloader allows for very comfortable play, emptying and reloading promptly, gauging up the damage-per-minute parameter. The crew consists of four people.

Though French, it’s a Sherman still, remember to play it cautiously: the large size and the average protection are still here. Please remember the vehicle stats are subject to change depending on test results. Let us know what you think, is the M4A1 FL 10 a welcomed vehicle in the game? For a long time, players have been asking for it and seem that finally are getting it.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: M4A1 FL 10 French Premium Medium

  1. i think WG should make prem tanks more beautiful than clone. Buy prem tank not only for grind money, collectors or any people who working all days just want play sexy tank for relax and enjoy game. For me, when i buy prem tank it just for enjoy game and i always want play nice design tank body than chimera-style tank..

  2. @Trung

    I think you are absolutely right m8. I love my Thunderbolt and my Fury more than any of the other prem tanks just for the looks and the feeling.

  3. Now, if only they sell it at 15€ without bundle, and not 30 with extra gold and premium that we don’t want..

  4. Two Sherman’s left, the French/Israeli M-50 with 76mm gun, and the American 90mm. Then all will be right with the world.

  5. There`s still the chilean Sherman with a 3-round magazine autoloading 60mm gun, which could also be loaded manually.

  6. T6 Premmium Autoloader Medium Tank 540dmg in 7 seconds, reloads in 14s, STINKS OP.
    25€ normal.
    35€ Bundle.

  7. Really looking forward to this tank. I just hope they sell it as a lone item for 19.99 , Or maybe a mini challenge but either way minus a bundle Im really really looking forward to this tank. I don’t think its op its balanced by its bad dispersion huge size and long time between shells. I collect tanks and really excited to add this to my collection as long as they sell it on its own.

  8. Only real downside for me and some player is the low pen . Hate premium tanks that need to shoot gold ammo to do well. But I think if you pick you battles this tank will not be amazing but fun to play.

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