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Supertest: Lost City release is nigh!

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Today, what is to be considered the final stage of Lost City has entered Supertest and it’s release is nigh. The gameplay scenario has been defined for the location, now it’s time to check and make the final balance changes as necessary.

Lost City

How has Lost City changed?

  • The location has evolved much but kept its setting, the accent on the central part, and some residue of the exact symmetry of Team Battles.
  • Lost City has become larger (1000×1000 meters), offering vehicles of every class a place and an opportunity to shine.
  • On the old version of the map, the action (for the most part) took place in the city blocks, favouring well-armoured and mobile vehicles. In the new one, we’ve added dedicated directions for different classes.
  • The city blocks occupy the middle of the map. It’s a spot where things are settled face-to-face: by heavies, mediums fit for the first line, and thick-skinned TDs. The buildings will block most shoot-throughs but not all of them, so keep a cool head when brawling.
  • The west of the map is the place for some LT and MT yee-haw cowboy action. Don’t stay in place for success lies in galloping ahead and controlling the direction. From here, you can dash on to the enemy base or pin down your opponents in the city blocks, making them stretch their forces (and attention).
  • In the East, matters are decided in a more subtle and thoughtful manner, and the Lost City map is no exception. The eastern direction is open like the western prairie, but it’s inclined towards defence, not offence, with lots of shrubbery and beautiful sniping sights.
  • At the map’s northern and southern edges, the TD positions are located, allowing support of allies or containment of the most zealous foes. Here you can find both bush and terrain-based cover.

There isn’t much time left before it’s released, so Wargaming is looking for feedback. Do you like this modernized version of Lost City? Leave your thoughts and comments below.

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