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Supertest: K-91 Version II Tier VIII Premium Medium Tank

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The Soviet K-91 Version II is coming back to Supertest, but this time as a Tier VIII Premium medium tank. This vehicle was previously part of a Supertest but as a Tier IX tank.

The vehicle characteristics were rebalanced for Tier VIII, but its key features were kept: good dynamics, nice protection and high firepower. The K-91 Version II is a classic medium tank design, according to Wargaming, designed for rapid attacks and dynamic combat.

Still, it has to be said, it is strange to see the K-91 Version II at Tier VIII, even with the rebalance. The vehicle was historically designed to be a low profile heavy tank, hence the high armour protection, so it’s going to be interesting to test it in the future and see how it handles gameplay as a medium tank.