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Supertest: K-91-2

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Very soon-ish, a new Soviet Tier IX medium called the K-91-2 will enter the closed Supertest.

Straightaway this vehicle’s protection stands out, with the frontal armor up to 230 mm thick on the turret and up to 175 mm thick on the hull. The HP pool of the K-91-2 is 1,750 points.

The gun deals an average of 360 damage per shot and takes 8.6 seconds to reload. The accuracy amounts to 0.35 and the aiming time is 2.3 seconds. The basic APCR round can pierce 252 mm of armor, and the special HEAT round can do 310 mm. The basic view range of the K-91-2 is 390 m. The tank has excellent dynamics due to a specific power of 21.1 hp per ton, with its top speed reaching 55 km/h.

Despite its name, the K-91-2 is very different from the K-91. Its turret can turn all the way round (a full 360 degrees), and its protection is akin to that of the T-54 and the Object 140. The K-91-2 was born to run in a wolf pack of medium tanks engaging in dynamic and maneuverable combat.

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15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: K-91-2

  1. Another OP russian vehicle, as if we don’t have enough of them. This is a big reason why the North Americans are not a significant market for WoT. Get some balance in the game and that market might flourish. Just think of all those dollars rolling in.

  2. So, it’s just a clone of Obj. 430 with bigger hull and better armor?

    Who asked for this?

  3. Yep, it baffles me that they are not able to see how much more players would join if there would be more balance in this game, at all tier, for beginners and veterans.

  4. Another Russian medium that seems to have effective heavy tank armor yet miraculously good mobility on top.

    Who asked for another one of these?

  5. Why do people think this tank will be OP? The hull will be absolute trash as it is poorly angled with a huge LP. It has effectively no gun depression. The k91 turret is nothing to write home about and the gun is also nothing special. The 50t ranked reward tank is so much better than this. Honestly, I don’t really see any point in this tank.

  6. My guess is that Americans are just like the russians, they need a American bias in the game to play it.

    What’s wrong to grind out that OP russian tank if youre from anothet nation? It’s a choice tot pick your tank- Line. It’s about the enjoyment and the play, niet about nations.

    If it’s about the quality of tanks, the german tanks are underrated, they had the best tanks, overall, in WW2.

  7. Why cant this company hit the ****ing brakes on releasing a russian tank every 2 weeks onto ST? We want the current tanks to be balanced first, then we want new tanks for the Czech, Polish, Chinese, Italian, and Swedish tech trees.

    Stop with the constant russian tanks. No one asked for this. ****!

  8. Maybe WG can make it work on American market.They can downgrade the russian tanks and m***ively buff american and Western tanks.Like they did on Chinese servers, there are matches only of type 59

  9. It’s more about wanting balance across the game than it is about wanting the US tanks to be OP as Soviet tanks are. If there was more parity between the nations the game would be more enjoyable.

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