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Supertest: Japort Map Returns for Updates & Gameplay Test

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The map Japort has received an updated and has been reintroduced to Supertest once again. Currently, the map has received a lot of work into the artworks and it’s now ready to further gameplay tests. Japort could be one of the first maps being introduced to be tested using the upcoming Update 1.13 new feature: Recon Mission.

1. Major combat direction for heavy tanks can be divided into several sub-directions:

  • Farther bypass along the water.
  • Medium-danger zone that requires much time.
  • Heavy tanks are mostly protected from SPG fire.
  • However, there are some areas that are exposed to long-range enemy fire.
  • Passage through the centre of the zone. This is quite a dangerous direction with a large number of areas exposed to enemy fire, including SPG fire.
  • Passage through the bunker. The most protected direction on the map, perfect for vehicles with strong frontal armour.

2. Major combat direction for rapid light and medium tanks. Areas above the bunker enable control over quite a large part of the map.

3. Major combat direction for medium tanks. In this area, medium tanks can fire at long range and push the enemy back, reducing the distance to the opponents.

4. Positions for sniper vehicles to repel enemy attacks or control important positions on the map.

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  1. Hate me guys, but I loved that map for its crazines 🙂 Looking forward to it as for now tanks feels like World of 3 Maps lol

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