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Supertest: Japanese Heavy Changes

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Three Japanese heavy tanks suffered a few changes and are now being tested on Supertest Server: Type 5 Heavy, Type 4 Heavy, O-I and O-I Exp. The objective is to rebalance these vehicles in order to improve the branch, maintain combat effectiveness and at the same time, create equal conditions in battle for other tanks to counter them.

Update #1 – 18:50

Article updated with more accurate information from Wargaming EU.

Please remember, this is Supertest information and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.

Type 5 and Type 4 Heavy Changes

Values on left are current and on right are Supertest.
Values on left are current and on right are Supertest.
  • Tanks of Tier IX and X will have revised armor: We added some parts to the front armor with thickness of 240-260 mm for Tier X and 220-240 mm for Tier IX. Their maneuverability and speed will be adjusted so they are a bit better than what the Maus has. The frontal armor of these vehicles, unlike Germans of the same class, didn’t have any vulnerabilities and could only be penetrated with premium ammo. We have added the changes to some parts of frontal armor to make it possible for their opponents to fight them on equal terms.

O-HO Changes

  • The Tier VIII O-HO will get premium ammo with an armor penetration value of 250-260 mm for the 10 cm Experimental Tank Gun Kai. Previously, this gun had no AP shells with enough penetration to reliably damage enemy vehicles.This meant that players didn’t have opportunity to choose their game style – the tank was playable only as a derp.

O-I Changes

Values on left are current and on right are Supertest.
  • The O-I will get a bit weaker rear armor to decrease the tank’s domination in a The O-I will get a bit weaker rear armor to decrease the tank’s domination in a battle, especially against lower tier tanks. Previously, low-tier vehicles could not damage the O-I even if they managed to flank it. After the changes flanking will work.

O-I Experimental

Values on left are current and on right are Supertest.
  • The Tier V O-I exp. will get improved frontal armor so it can stand a chance against higher tier vehicles and perform the role of a breakthrough tank. Additionally, the 105-mm gun will be removed from this vehicle since it was too effective at Tier V. The mobility of the tank will also be decreased.


15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Japanese Heavy Changes

  1. do not buff the gun on the o-ho, its a stat padders dream, when facing these tanks there’s nothing to do but run if your not a higher tier. you have to sit and aim to make sure you hit a “weak spot” where the o-ho can just snap a shot for 3-400 damage, andn you at best have a 50/50 chance to pen, while he can splash you for the damage. and now you will make it able to pen and max rtoll, yeh well done

  2. I despise that gun, I use the derp but if these changes are made I will switch to the 10cm too…

  3. that is the other gun the 150mm, it is the 100mm that gets a buff and needed aswell the pen on the 100mm is poor

  4. So the tier 5 is getting its only heavy tank gun removed? Will this only have medium tank guns and the useless derp gun or is the 105 getting replaced with something else?

  5. The armor changes are going to make this a tier 5 super heavy, I cannot imagine leaving it with only medium tank guns would make it very playable.

    I am not sure I agree to that, most tier 10 mediums have a good 50% chance of going through that flat.
    And TDs can chew that up with standard shell, I’ve done it myself, it’s not hard to pen a Type 5 Heavy with That glorious American 155 even as it is now.
    Removing 10 millimeters from that spot and the other makes it MUCH more susceptible, as the tank is now, just being flat against the Type 5 Heavy, the lowest standard pen shell (On the top gun) of all tier 10 TD’s (295) has a 64% chance of penning it in the Turret face, the Flat hull, or when it turns, the shoulder plates.
    Imagine having something around 75% chance to pen flat, imagine that this will not decrease as much any more when it is angled (But angling anyways wont matter as it’s shoulder plates should be exposed in a proper engagement)

  7. Great, the Type 5 will now have a 260mm weakspot, so things like the Maus STILL can’t pen it

  8. This nerf of armor on jap heavies is useless…people will spam premium ammo on them anyway with or without nerfed armor.

  9. Mediums do not have a 50% chance to get through the flat front part( 15° slope, effective 280mm unangled. The E50(M) has got the highest standard penetration of all t10 mediums (270mm). + 25% RNG its scales from 202.5 mm to 337.5mm of penetration. The diffrence betwenn min and max penetration is 145mm. Taking the 280mm armor into account you ve got 77,5 mm below 280mm and 57.5 mm above 280 mm. This means if you want to penetrate the armor you have to be at or above 280 mm of penetration. 57.5mm / 145 mm = 0.39655172 * 100 = 39,65 % chance to penetrate the unangled effective 280mm front plate. Angled its cheeks become 300mm + its hole front 320mm + its side armor becomes over 400 mm + . Even after removing 20mm on the left hatch and 10mm on the right machinegun this wont become weakspots, angled they are then instead of 320mm , 300 and 310 mm strong. I cant see a weakspot there. Unless you dab the “2” key or you are a T10 TD this is not working reliable for HT/MT/LT.

  10. The only thing that I like of the O-I Exp is its speed and gun and those things are going to disappear, and Im not accepting a little armor buff, I think I should get another tank after this.

  11. Plz just remove the derp gun on Type 4/5 Heavy. Its too op. I can do without the armor nerf if the derp gun is removed

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