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Supertest: IS-3-II – Tier IX Double-Barrel Heavy Tank

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World of Tanks Supertest just received a surprise tank Tier IX heavy tank to test: IS-3-II. The tank will be coming to World of Tanks in the upcoming update and will feature double-barrel gun.

Take the vehicle with a grain of salt when it comes to authenticity, as no details are known at all and look like it’s just a made-up vehicle to fit a slot in the tech tree. More details as soon as they are known.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: IS-3-II – Tier IX Double-Barrel Heavy Tank

  1. And what is the problem now…. The tank is not even that op on paper….

  2. Now Russian Tonks get to be a heavy, a medium and a high alpha TD all in one!
    No new and bigger maps, no new nations, no gold ammo rebalance… The game just became so silly with cars and music band tanks and double guns. The “historical” tank game, as advertised. Should be renamed to “World of Pew Pew Bang Yolo Tonks!!”

  3. yes it looks completely balance and i think lot of people find this gun handling and gameplay difficult to use…and double gun is double RNG in the same time

  4. no matter what people will hate the game for whatever they put out but at least they are putting something in the game lol the line isnt even op 35 sec reload for a 2 shot and youre ****ed if one doesnt pen or misses donzo stop hating on **** all the time

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