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Supertest: Heavy & Medium Tanks Rebalance

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We continue working on implementing selective balance changes to certain vehicles. Earlier we talked about the list of planned changes for heavy tanks of 3 branches: the E 100, the IS-4, and the T110E5. However, changes for two medium tank branches are released to Supertest today: the Progetto 65 and the Object 430U.

Much time has passed since the release of these vehicles, and all that time they have been unchanged. The top-tier Italian vehicle was considered by many to be a complex and demanding vehicle that can perform well only in the hands of experienced players, mostly because of its auto-reloading mechanics. Speaking of the Soviet medium tank, it was and still is a vehicle that’s easy to learn, which, thanks to its good armour and generally nice gun handling, became a hybrid of heavy and medium vehicles that combined the survivability and firepower of the former with the advantage in dynamics of the latter.

With time, it became obvious that these vehicles that were simply good at the start started to stand out inefficiency from the competition because of the growing skill of their owners. These vehicles are available to everyone, they are growing in numbers and start influence the balance in general, both in Random Battles and in special modes. Because of this, we are considering a possibility to change their characteristics, the full list of the changes is provided below. Please remember these changes are not final and subject to change.

Progetto 65 Branch

It’s a versatile medium tank that’s able to deal much damage in short bursts and to sustain a normal cyclical fire. The changes are aimed at decreasing the efficiency of long-range shooting along with an indirect decrease in general damage per minute. It’s worth noting that the main feature of the whole branch, the auto-reloading system, stays intact, along with the playstyle in general. The loading time for separate shells and the shell auto-reloading time will stay the same.

Along with the changes to the characteristics of the vehicle, we are also considering an option to remove the ability to mount a Gun Rammer on the Italian Tier IX-X vehicles.

Progetto 65:

  • Turret Traverse Speed: from 36 to 34
  • Aiming Time (s): from 2.1 to 2.5
  • Increased dispersion after firing a shot
  • Dispersion at 100 m (m): from 0.33 to 0.35
  • Removed the ability to mount the Gun Rammer

Standard B:

  • Turret Traverse Speed (stock): from 32 to 30
  • The Cannone_da_90_Rh gun in the stock turret:
  • Aiming Time (s): from 2 to 2.1
  • Increased dispersion after firing a shot
  • The Cannone_da_105_Rh_V1 gun in the stock turret:
  • Aiming Time (s): from 2.4 to 2.6; Dispersion at 100 m (m): from 0.35 to 0.37;
  • Increased dispersion after firing a shot
  • Turret Traverse Speed (top): from 34 to 32
  • The Cannone_da_90_Rh gun in the top turret:
  • Aiming Time (s): from 2 to 2.1; Dispersion at 100 m (m): from 0.32 to 0.33
  • Increased dispersion after firing a shot
  • The Cannone_da_105_Rh_V1 gun in the top turret:
  • Aiming Time (s): from 2.3 to 2.5; Dispersion at 100 m (m): from 0.35 to 0.37
  • Increased dispersion after firing a shot
  • Top engine power: from 750 to 690 (Specific Power: from 21.8 to 20)
  • Removed the ability to mount the Gun Rammer

Object 430U Branch

A medium tank that combines features of both heavy and medium tanks. Such hybrids usually suffer from the drawbacks of both types, however, the Object 430U managed to take the best from them. The changes to this tank will include the changes to its frontal armour and gun handling.

Object 430U:

  • Dispersion during movement and hull traverse: from 0.12 to 0.16
  • Dispersion during turret traverse: from 0.1 to 0.12
  • Nerf of frontal armour (created weak spots and decrease thickness a bit, so that E 50 had the same or better armour to add the two original nations’ armoured medium tanks to the meta). The frontal view of the commander’s cupola and the gunner’s cupola will be weakened up to 270 mm of effective armour making it easier for tier IX and X tanks to penetrate it.

Object 430:

  • Dispersion during movement and hull traverse (both): from 0.14 to 0.16
  • Dispersion during turret traverse: from 0.1 to 0.12

With these changes, we want to decrease the efficiency of the vehicles mentioned above and keep all their key features intact at the same time. The roles of the vehicles will not change, only some borderline cases that made the vehicles too efficient were affected. The mentioned changes are not final and are still tested. We will let you know about the final changes separately, please follow the news.

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15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Heavy & Medium Tanks Rebalance

  1. Progetto already has the worst base DPM of all tier 10 meds, bad gun handling (3rd worst), and now WG wants to make it worse. Progetto and Standard B are both forced by their bad armor and low DPM to fight long range, and now WG wants them to stop doing that. The winrates of the two vehicles don’t even stand out.

    Makes no sense.

  2. Great, they nerf techree tanks but chieftain and 279 remain the same… what an unserious company, makes all “normal” guys angry again

  3. so the 430u is being nerfed ? before the cupolas required gold to be penned, and now it requires gold to be penned, wow. and of course they won’t nerf the side armor the op mobility and thevery good gun, because anyway they’re going to cancel this nerf because it’s russia you know.

  4. That reference to the E 50 is a joke, right ? It doesn’t make any sense at all. But the nerf to the dispersion is more than welcomed.

    The italian line nerfs seem, at least for me, a bit uncalled for. Yes, they are strong, but I think that it’s more the 4 shot potential per se than the accuracy. Removing the gun rammer, they already have a bad dpm if engaged in longer fights, not sure that’s the right way to tackle it. Imo, remove a shot from the clip, it would reduce it’s deadlyness without further damaging it’s dpm.

  5. Nerf Progetto,Obj 430U > Wheelies,Chieftain,Obj 279 (e) ? ? ?

  6. Because RU community is REEEEing over the,
    Those will be nerfed, and the 430 line nerfs will be dropped AGAIN. Because RU community.

  7. First they **** the whole game then they want to nerf something nonsense, why not nerf or remove those toilet paper tanks like the Obj 279e which is awkwardly unbalanced on the battlefield.

  8. This just shows how out of touch Wargaming actually is. Comparing E 50 armor to 430U (in what universe is their armor comparable?) and nerfing a line nobody ever complains about being overpowered. This is worse than doing nothing at all.

  9. They leave EBR as well. For those tanks they need more data, so we can wait 3 years for them to do a makebelieve nerf, if at all, for the current three gamebreakers. Or maybe they’ll introduce some new gamebreakers again so everyone will whine about those and forget about cheattain ebola and ferrari.

  10. Wrong strategy.
    Why you destroy good tanks ..
    Although you have real op like chaivten ,obj279(e)..

    Very bad move from wg…
    Hope they cancel it.

  11. Cl***ical WG…

    Puppets of the RU community. “tHeY aRe rUsHIng mE wiTH pESky Progettos , cant hold a flank alone with my idiotproof russian med.”

    I remember that 1 yr ago they introduced another nerf on 430u and 430 and they dropped it last minute…

    There is nothing wrong with the italian tanks…

  12. You really expected a serious nerf to the russian goldboy? Ha!! In Soviet WOT, Obj 430 nerfes YOU.

    **** this ****. Can’t have anything thats not wheeled or russian!!! Progetto was hard to master, and by far not a game breaker. Now it’ll be an XP piñata like every non-rus med

  13. @Chingy, There’s something terribly wrong with italian tanks. They are good and not have a glorious red star on their turret

  14. Tired of bots complaining. 279e is not OP you are just noobs and think it is. I have better stats with other tanks.

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