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Supertest: GSOR3301 AVR FS – British Tier IX Light Tank

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Today, the second British Light Tank is put into Supertest: GSOR3301 AVR FS, a complex name for such a small tank.

The 3301 AVR, for short, has all the distinctive features the new British light tanks will have, including small dimensions and high concealment. As for its firepower, the top configuration of the vehicle has a 90-mm gun, a big gun for a small runner.

Featuring decent penetration values, 232-mm for a standard shell and 254-mm for APRC, great stabilization when stationary, accuracy matching its peers with 0.36 dispersion and 1.9 seconds aiming time, this vehicle will embody what the new British light tanks aim to be.

But the vehicle isn’t all just good things, there are two factors that might eclipse your enthusiasm: moderate rate of fire of just 6.32 rounds per minute and a mediocre stabilization when firing on the move. No forgetting the armour of the vehicle is far from being sturdy, typical of all light tanks in the game, unless they are Soviet. The 3301 AVR has 1,250 HP and is handled by three crew members.

Just as its Tier X successor, this vehicle will shine when used for passive spotting and fire support, as it has everything it needs for this role: small dimensions, a spotting range of 390 meters and high specific power of 37.2 h.p./t. The GSOR3301 AVR FS can quickly change position on the battlefield and arrive precisely when you need its recon powers or fire support.

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: GSOR3301 AVR FS – British Tier IX Light Tank

  1. All designs used in this new branch were either proposals or some sort of initial prototype stage. Ed Francis did an amazing job finding all these at the archives, we should have more info soon™ as he will be allowed to share.

  2. need more speed versus ebr in this clan war ebr no more 100 lt

  3. What is this company thinking. Another p***ive stationary light tank after the game is dominated by ebrs and heavily armored russian light tanks? Why?

  4. No watch WG utterly demolish it in subsequent test rounds so the vehicle released on the live server will be lukewarm at best.

  5. Demolish it in subsequent testing? This entire tank line is already atrocious. Terrible dpm, poor moving dispersion, middling mobility and view range, all offset by its one redeeming feature, a good camo rating. These tanks don’t have exceptional speed to get them into positions before other lights so they can take advantage of their camo rating, don’t have any armor to deal with the subsequent fire when they’re spotted transitioning, and have abysmal dpm to respond with. On half the maps in this game a light tank is frankly a liability, taking a team slot better served by a medium or even a heavy. On those maps where light tanks do provide a distinct advantage, what exactly do these tanks have to offer that any of the other lights can’t do better?

  6. The entire line does nothing to address the game breaking wheeled vehicles or to offer any solution to the impossibly armored russian light tanks. This is very frustrating, and that they have done nothing to address either EBR or the russians makes me want to quit light tanks altogether. The rhmpnzerwagon and sheridan are already collecting dust in my garage as it is. This is Wargaming’s chance to improve light tank competition and utility, and they are not listening to reason nor applying any notions of balance and fair play.

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