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Supertest: French Medium Changes

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More changes have been announced on Supertest server, this time for two French Medium tanks: AMX 30 1er Prototype and AMX 30 B. Both tanks were very similar to each other, players wouldn’t notice much of a difference when playing and at the same time, these tanks were also to similar to the German Leopard.


Because of this, Wargaming decided to change both French vehicles and they will change their sniper role to a support role. Both vehicles will receive a buff to their turret armour, in order to make them more capable of fighting at medium/short distances. These changes will enable the tank to play at a hull down position, but it won’t make them invincible.


While the turret armour receives, their gun parameters will be changed in order to balance the vehicles. Gun stabilization while moving and damage per minute will be rebalanced to make these vehicles more effective at medium range, but worse at long range. Base penetration value will be set at 248 mm and accuracy will change to 0.34.

Please remember these changes aren’t final and might change before the final version is released.


15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: French Medium Changes

  1. This is just a nerf really, the extra armor won’t help especially with the giant tumors and the gun just gets worse.

  2. how about 258 on T10 heavy ?
    10mm extra… doesent seem that much.

  3. FFS. The prototype is one of my favourite tanks and they do this to it, I have a brawling medium (T-54) and a hull down monster (AX). Leave this alone!

  4. AP as standard compare ftp apcr. 3 extra degrees of shell normalisation is huge.

    For example most tier 10 heavies have around 250-260 so pen. Which is actually much more effective with 5 degrees of so normalisation than the 270 ish of APCR mediums.

  5. Oh come on.. don’t screw over the gun handeling of the 30b!!!!!! i like it how it is.. i like accurate snipers(even tho they still miss like there’s no tomorrow) don’t give the 30b a strong useless turret and nerf the gun.. please please don’t.

  6. Super nerf, armor is useless at tier 9-10 unless you have monster maus/type 5 armor. AMX already has about the worst pen out of tier 10s non autoloaders and the nerf to soft stats and dispersion will handicap it totaly, they want to make it different to the leopard by making it a bad centurion AX.

    It already wasn’t competitive in CW, with this patch it’s going to be truly useless.

    I like the TD changes, it could only get better for them. The 25T changes I’m unsure about, CW will probably switch to more TVPs, 30B gets hosed.

  7. Correction, soft stats are BUFFED, not nerfed. Also DPM getting a huge buff too, the 30B get best tier 10 medium DPM in the game, even higher than Obj430.

    Shell velocity and pen nerf hurts a lot on a tank that is now supposed to compete with the AX. For reference, it’s the slowest velocity tier X medium by 150M/s and the worst pen along with TVP.

  8. Hoping the 248mm is for the T9, and the T10 will keep it’s 260mm pen, with the dpm buff and armor buff, I’ll take the accuracy nerf.

  9. Am i reading that right ?
    They are changing a tank that was an excellent sniper in reality, with great accuracy (better than the Leopard) and a shell capable of penetrating 400mm of armor at 2 km, they are turning it into an horrible sniper ?!! O_o
    WTF WG ? You are completly reversing roles here !
    Why not make the Leopard, which did receive many upgrades to its armor and gun handling (stabilization) through is carreer, into that brawler/support role and keep the AMX-30 in its sniper role as it should be ?!
    Who the hell is the moron in charge there ? Are they inept at doing researches or do they love to make blind nerfs with a hammer ?
    Good job WG… keep going on your nerfing of the French tech tree. You almost reached your objective of killing any little interest left the players could find in the French tanks…

  10. I dug a bit into the stats and, to be fair, they are reducing the pen on all the medium tanks they are updating by 10-15mm.

    The AMX gets a weird mixed bag of buffs and nerfs, it gets pretty much the best gun handling (a lot better than it already is), looses the best accuracy but still better than all the russian/american/japanese/chinese/czech meds and about equal to the cent.AX, gains the best DPM of all meds (3220 is better than the obj430 by 200+ dpm without the terrible handling), it gets the worst muzzle velocity by about 200 (though if it turns into AP ammo that means the pen gets a buff due to normalisation), and finaly it gets armor that might pull off miracle bounces or absorb heat with the matlet.

    AMX 30B definitely wont be the same tank as it is now and historical accuracy (other than visualy) dropped by the wayside when they took the decision to go for e-sports a few years ago.

    Last thing is we havent head a word about gold ammo for all of the changes on the supertest. I’m thinking more and more that they are going to lower the damage and price of gold ammo this year. With its m***ive DPM the amx30 could shoot gold to negate the pen and velocity nerf.

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