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Supertest: Czech Heavy Tanks Blueprints Details

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The new Czech heavy tanks will enter Supertest later this week, but will only be released most likely with Update 1.13.1 around June. This gives players plenty of time to prepare the experience necessary with the Škoda T 25 and to collect blueprint fragments.

If you are interested in reducing part or even all of the experience necessary to research the next vehicle, blueprints are the way. If you are interested in doing this, but won’t have enough fragments to research the complete branch in one go, the advice is as always start from Tier X and not from Tier VII.

Use all the fragments you can with the high Tier vehicles to cut as much as possible experience from the grind, as lower Tiers require much less experience and are easier to grind. Here’s the detailed list for each vehicle:

  • Tier VII – Vz. 44-1
    • Universal Fragments: 64
    • National Fragments: 24
  • Tier VIII – TNH 105/1000
    • Universal Fragments: 80
    • National Fragments: 24
  • Tier IX – TNH T Vz. 51
    • Universal Fragments: 120
    • National Fragments: 30
  • Tier X – Vz. 55
    • Universal Fragments: 144
    • National Fragments: 48

Total Fragments Required:

    • Universal Fragments: 408
    • National Fragments: 126

Now you can start saving up your fragments for the upcoming branch and know if you have too many or not enough.

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15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Czech Heavy Tanks Blueprints Details

  1. Hmm…already have enough to unlock the whole tree….but i think i will grind a bit… since i barely needed to grind the italian heavy line and already unlocked all other lines….

  2. oh yeah! got plenty for the whole tech tree!
    It’s nice having some free XP as well for those darn modules though

  3. I’ll be happy to grind out the line (I’m in no hurry) but my experience grinding xp on the T25 this week was so unpleasant that I’ll be happy to p*** go and immediately start playing the Vz. 44-1.

  4. Too bad Wargaming reduced the number of universal fragments you get out of Battle P***.

  5. Yeah, they reduce it from 620 or so (310~ for the standard p*** plus another 310 for the improved p***) to barely 150 from the whole season, and they removed the national blueprints entirely from the standard p***, and only like 90 or so on the improved p***, also, no bounty equipm on the standard p*** was a slap in the face for every f2p player FeelsBadMan.

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