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Supertest: Concept 1B Changes

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It didn’t take long for Supertest receive some changes to the new American heavy tank Concept 1B. The Tier IX reward vehicle got some of its characteristics lowered, as the first iteration was quite good. With the recent changes, it became very similar to the AE Phase I, here’s the list of changes.

List of Changes

  • Reload Time changed from 9.75 (s) to 10.55 (s)
  • Rate of Fire changed from 6.15 (rounds/min) to 5.69 (rounds/min)
  • Average Damage per Minute  changed  from 2,461 (HP/min) to 2,275 (HP/min)
  •  Aiming Time changed from 2.01 (s) to 2.21 (s)
  •  Dispersion at 100 m (m) changed from 0.345 (m) to 0.364 (m)

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  2. Not Russian so it gets nerfed in supertest. Cant have all those op Objects getting mullah’d.

  3. Why do the russians **** everyone but their own tech tree and ru prems over in supertest? How tonedeaf are the devs?

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