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Supertest: Charlemagne Tier VIII British Premium Heavy Tank

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Charlemagne is a brand new Tier VIII British Premium heavy tank arriving at Supertest today. The Charlemagne was found by Ed Francis from Armoured Archives, an STT design dated from 1958, the Charlemagne was a conceptual design inspired by a mix of British and Soviet influences of the period.

Wargaming has substantially changed its characteristics to fit Tier VIII, the projected tank had much higher armour and the gun would fire HESH rounds, not AP as proposed by Wargaming. If you would like to learn more about the real project, don’t miss the video released by our friend Ed Francis on his Youtube channel and don’t forget to leave a Like and Subscibe.


The Charlemagne is equipped with a well-stabilized 120mm gun capable of causing 440 damage per shot. Both the standard and special ammo are AP shells that can penetrate 220 and 270 mm of enemy armour, respectively. Their drawback is a relatively low shell velocity (~600 m/s and ~900 m/s, respectively). The gun accuracy is 0.44, the aiming time is 3.2 s, the reload time is 16 s, and the view range is 380 m.

The vehicle’s durability is 1,500 HP. The frontal armour is quite sturdy: up to 170 mm on the turret and 130 mm on the hull. Considering the angles of the sloped armour plates, the overall frontal armour resembles that of a Tier IX vehicle. The vehicle, which has a specific power of 18 h.p./t, reaches speeds up to 42 km/h.

Thanks to the combination of dynamics and protection, the Charlemagne can both support heavy tanks and push the enemy line with allied medium vehicles. The gun depression angle is an incredible -10 degrees. In combination with the solid turret, the Charlemagne can take maximum advantage of any terrain. However, gun handling is far from perfect, a fact that should be considered when choosing tactics.

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