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Supertest: Changes to TS-54, TS-60 (+ New In-Game Preview Images)

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Two vehicles which are currently in Supertest received some changes over the past week.

For starters, the dual-gunned TS-54, an American tier 8 heavy tank, received an update in the third iteration of the Update 1.20 Common Test (after having sat unused in the files for quite a while):

Tier VIII – 🇺🇸:HTelite:TS-54


  • Reload time (gun1/gun2): from 8.5/8.5 to:arrow_buff:8/8 s
  • Time to charge a double shot: from 2.5 to:arrow_buff:2 s
  • Reload lock after firing a double shot: from 6 to:arrow_buff:2 s
  • Time between shooting both guns individually: from 3 to:arrow_nerf:5 s
  • Armor penetration with :AP:AP shells: from 200 to:arrow_buff:218 mm
  • Armor penetration with :AP:AP shells at 500 m: from 190 to:arrow_buff:208 mm
  • Accuracy at 100 m: from 0.42 to:arrow_buff:0.38
  • Aiming time: from 3 to:arrow_buff:2 s
  • Dispersion while moving: 0.12 to:arrow_nerf:0.14
  • Dispersion while rotating hull: 0.12 to:arrow_nerf:0.14
  • Turret traverse speed: from 33 to:arrow_nerf:28 deg/s


  • Health: from 1,600 to:arrow_nerf:1,500
  • A very small area of the turret front had its armor increased from 150 to:arrow_buff:200 mm.

Secondly, the TS-60 – an American tier 9 tank destroyer (more closely resembling a heavy tank) which recently appeared on Supertest – has already received some updates since its first appearance, along with some early image previews from WoT Express:

Tier IX – 🇺🇸:TDelite:TS-60

NOTE: Model not final, shown with SD textures.


  • Repair cost: from :credits:14,720 to:arrow_nerf::credits:15,640


  • Dispersion from movement (max.): from 0.25 (8.75) to:arrow_buff:0.20 (7.00)
  • Dispersion from hull rotation (max.): from 0.25 (7.30) to:arrow_buff:0.20 (5.84)
  • Reload time: from 7.67 to:arrow_buff:7.19 s
  • Rate of fire: from 7.82 to:arrow_buff:8.34
  • Average damage per minute with :AP:AP/:HEAT_prem:HEAT shells: from 3,129 to:arrow_buff:3,338
  • Average damage per minute with :HE:HE shells: from 4,029 to:arrow_buff:4,297


  • Hitpoints: from 1,600 to:arrow_buff:1,700

As always, both vehicles are still subject to further changes before their release. It is currently unknown where either of these vehicles will make their first appearance — stay tuned for more info.

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