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Supertest: Changes to IS-3 Version II & M18 Super Hellcat

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World of Tanks continues its Supertest of Soviet double-barrel heavy tanks and the Premium American M18 Super Hellcat. With iteration two, two tanks had their stats changed: IS-3 Version II, regular Tier IX and M18 Super Hellcat, Premium Tier VII. Here’s the list of changes:

IS-3 Version II Changes

  • Salvo preparation time changed from 3s to 2.5s
  • Reload lockout time changed from 7s to 4s
  • Changing barrels time changed from 3.5s to 5s
  • Hull frontal armour changed from 130mm to 145mm
  • Turret frontal armour changed from 250mm to 280mm

M18 Super Hellcat Changes

  • Engine power changed from 460hp to 550hp
  • Specific power changed from  23.5hp/t to 27.14hp/t
  • Reload time changed from 7.67s to 8.92s
  • Rate of fire changed from 7.82 to 6.73
  • Average damage per minute changed from 1,877 to 1,615
  • Accuracy changed from 0.34 to 0.32
  • Aiming spread while turret rotation changed from 0.16 to 0.10
  • Aiming spread while hull roration changed from 0.23 to 0.16

The Soviet IS-3 Version II starts to lose its label of glass cannon with the armour increments, but the changes to the new double-barrel mechanics it should perform better at Tier IX. The Super Hellcat gains mobility but loses a bit of its firepower, while it still deals a decent amount of damage, its damage per minute seems quite low for a Premium Tier VII. Will it be enough to get players to buy it?

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Changes to IS-3 Version II & M18 Super Hellcat

  1. Ola Harkonnen boa tarde =) e parabéns pelo teu trabalho! Eu até concordo em parte com as alterações, mas vou continuar em inglês agora pró resto da malta perceber =P
    I agree with moust of the changes specially on Super Hellcat it really needed some love.. reducing so much the DPM i think is not good, it could be reduced to 1700 Hp/min and that would be ok but i think it dont need to be nerfed there. Its main problem is still not fixed the penetration of its AP and APCR that really is the thing that holds back this machine and if WG properlly buff the Penetrations of those two shell types i could even accept the very low DPM because the gun could be performing well enough like that. On the IS3 v2 i think that all the changes are good and needed all besides one of them, the Reload Lockout Time should be lower but not that low… it should stay on 5 or 5,5 sec’s the armour i think it needs to be buffed but it need to have proper week spotes on the capolas and lower plate

  2. WG misses (like they often do) the real issue of the tank (Super Hellcat). Making DPM worse and accuracy better ist not the right way to go for a Paper TD with awful Pen and low Alpha. In the current state there will be very little interest in buying it. But maybe its a Marathon or the new Gift Tank for Veterans? Who knows…

    But, in fact i doubt its going to be sold.

  3. Making the is3 uparmored…guys it has 2 goddamned guns. Lets dispense with the BS and quit saying its “gl***”. Stop putting armor on the tank and stop making it better.

  4. On paper the Doubles don’t seem strong at all, and I guess this buff reflects that they don’t play strong either. I don’t mind that they aren’t the new best line as long as the double gun mechanic is fun and rewarding to master like the Italian reloaders, the Swedish hydropneumatic suspension, or the wheeled vehicles.

    I know there are plenty of legitimate criticism to level at wargaming for pay to win practices (they sold the Pz-IIJ and the IS-3A on NA this year) and less then stellar matchmaking that end ins 15-3 games. But for casuals they have been inovating and putting out fun and different tank lines and game mode events consistently.

    I’m optimistic about the halloween event, they always put out something crazy and I hope this year won’t be different.

  5. Jeez they are pretty much nerfing the Super Hellcat from bad to worse. They always seem to miss out on what is the actual problem with the tank.. The Super Hellcat imo, with its terrible penetration, would probably need around 2,200 DPM to actually be decent, but WG decided to nerf to mediocre DPM more? I really does baffle me when they make these idiotic changes.

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