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Supertest: Caliban & KV-1 Shielded Changes

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Two vehicles recently entered in Supertest have received some changes: Tier VIII British heavy tank Caliban and Tier V Russian heavy tank KV-1 Shielded.

Caliban Tier VIII British Heavy Tank Changes

The vehicle has received some changes to the penetration. It received a buff to 210mm but it was rolled back again to 180mm, but it also received changes to the turret rotation, now fully traversable 360 degrees, instead of limited traverse has initially tested.

  • HE penetration changed from 210mm to 180mm
  • Reloading between shells changed from 10s to 8s
  • Turret traverse angle changed from 85/85 to 180/180 (360 degrees)

KV-1 Sh Tier V Russian Heavy Tank changes

The Tier V Russian Premium KV-1 Sh has received some changes to its characteristics too. The fate of this vehicle is still unknown, but could potentially be used in the upcoming Holiday Ops 2021 boxes or some minor event.

  • Rate of Fire changed from 16.05 to 15.64
  • Reloading changed from 3.74s to 3.84s
  • Aiming time changed from 2.78 to 2.40
  • Dispersion at 100m changed from 0.49 to 0.43
  • Average Damage per minute changed from 1 765 to 1 721

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  1. Caliban could have 5 seconds intra clip reload, i bet will be on the Xmas boxes

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