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Supertest: Berlin Map Changes

1 min read

Yet another map arrives at Supertest with changes and this time its Berlin.

  1. The bunker’s size was increased even more for better tactical opportunities. Now it’s one of the key areas on the map.
  2. The path next to the bridge was changed to avoid attacks from behind happening too quickly.
  3. Passages were added to connect areas on the opposite side of each block.
  4. Additional covers were added, allowing you to move between them along the entire map.

3 thoughts on “Supertest: Berlin Map Changes

  1. This is a new map right ?? Please tell me its for randoms ?? Berlin looks like Paris and Minsk hope it don’t turn out like either.

    1. WG’s ne monetisation strategy is to implement as many Paris/Minsk maps as possible, to people HAVE TO get a premium account for an enhanced map blacklist.
      WG … genius and retarded at the same time.

  2. main problem: the Reichstag building faces in the wrong direction. The main entrance in the current map faces towards the east. In reality it faces towards the west.

    besides that: the map is ugly and inaccurat

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