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Supertest: Bat-Chatillon 25 t Changes

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One of the most awaited tanks to be converted into HD, Bat-Chatillon 25 t it’s currently being rebalanced on Supertest Server. Update 9.20 will finally bring this vehicle in HD but it will be a different from what we currently have in-game. The objective is to make it different from it’s heavy counter part, current Supertest is also testing the possibility of role change to this vehicle.

The gun changes will increase the comfort of firing thanks to better aiming parameters, but will significantly decrease the chances of destroying same-tier mediums with one magazine.

The intention is to make the vehicle more comfortable, reducing the cost of mistakes when engaging enemies – missing one shell out of six will be less punishing than with 5-shell clip. Moreover, the reload time between shells and reload time of the entire clip will be decreased, which will give opportunity to effectively use the firepower potential of the tank.

Improved accuracy and aiming time will not only make it easier to shoot, but will potentially influence survival rate, since the time required for a shot will be decreased and the tank will correspondingly be less under opponent’s fire.

03/07/2017: Article updated with more information. There was a few misleading bits of information due to translation.

Please remember these are Supertest stats and are subject to change before the final version is released.

Bat-Chatillon 25 t Pictures

Bat-Chatillon 25 t Stats

Tier X Medium Tank
Hit Points
Hull Armour 60 / 40 / 30
Turret Armour
50 / 30 / 15
Shell Avg. Penetration 252 / 278 / 50
Shell Avg. Damage 300 / 300 / 400
Clip Size
Reload Time 34s
Reload Time between Shots 2.4s
Aiming Time 2.5s
Average Damage per Minute 2 347
Accuracy 0.36
Turret Traverse Speed 38
Traverse Speed 42
Top Speed / Reverse Speed 65 / 23
View Range 400

15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: Bat-Chatillon 25 t Changes

  1. Shell Avg. Penetration 252 / 278 / 50
    So, how are you going to pen Maus? Yes you can flank it but if you can’t flank it?
    WG is just getting ridiculous. 30 B is getting nerfed to **** and B-C is getting nerfed to ****, good job WG, just good job. :/

  2. And how long did WT auf E100 reload? And how much amour did WTE100 have and how much hp did WTE100 have? all these drawbacks dont change the broken mechanic. and you forget a point: a B-C has very good camo values meaning he can literally sit in a bush for 13,7 or more seconds to aim and shoot and noone will spot him. why will noone spot him? because B-C is the perfect counter to scouts. scouts cannot block shots by amour, cannot kill a B-C and can not even run away from it. a light cant escape this med. which is totally nonsense again. i probably suck, yes. but at least I understand most game mechanics

  3. See lots of people up there saying that they will leave the game all because WG nerfed their favorite tank. So sad.

    Good thing I never ever considered grinding the bat chat ever since it was introduced at tier 9.

  4. If wargaming continues like this, in 6 months noone will be playing anything else but Maus and Type 5 heavy on tier X. Sounds like a good improvement to the game right …..

  5. ****ing ******ed war gaming Yeah sure nerf those tanks which dont needs nerfs and yeah Buffs those tanks wich need serious nerffs ***hole wargaming good job. ***holes

  6. Well played warming. Nerd most decent players favorite tank. High skill high reward tank. But we have to make this just a game for heavies with no frontal weak spots.

  7. What a nerf :)))))) so basically take out penetration and make it the worst dmg/per shot tank in the game? good think i stopped playing :))

  8. The Aim time “Buff” IS A NERF! Currently, totally Stock, BatChat 25t with 105mm takes 2.7 seconds to aim, and reloads shells in 2.73 seconds. After this NERF – as that is ALL IT IS, it will take 2.5 seconds to aim, but reload in 2.4 seconds!

    Meanwhile the TVP 50/51 unloads 4 rounds in 4.5 seconds for 1280 damage, reloads its clip 10 seconds faster than the NERFED BatChat, has 2.1 second STOCK aim time, with FAR less bloom after shooting – TVP 50/51 Bloom = 2.88x (reticle blooms to 2.88x minimum size after shooting a shell) BatChat has 3.84x bloom – as it currently is.

    They have NOT LISTED SOFT STATS! But to make this GOOD it would NEED T62A or better soft stats! Even then the LOW alpha, the BAD AIM TIME, the **** DPM, the low pen – espcially the Premium rounds (meanwhile EVERY other Tier X med still has 310 to 330 pen HEAT, FFS the Obj 416 has 330 Pen HEAT – BALANSE COMMRADE!) – ALL of that will RUIN THE BATCHAT EVEN IF IT GETS GOD TIER GUN HANDLING – GET IT??

    T62A/Obj 140 would be TERRIBLE if they had their god tier Gun handling, but ONLY 2.3k DPM! So, because RUSSIA, now a tank that was MANUALLY loaded, and cramped as **** – has a better reload rate, better rounds per minute, than a Tank with an AUTOMATIC LOADING SYSTEM! In reailty, the T62A is so damned cramped it is lucky to get 6 rounds/min out with ANY reliability in REAL LIFE!

    And I know WOT is NOT real life. But WarGaming pulls this **** YEAR AFTER YEAR! I used to put up with it, thinking all things will eventually be balanced out, but if this comes to p***, I AM DONE!

    FYI to anyone reading: I own E50M, T110e5, IS7, BatChat 25t, E-100, Object 704 most of the way to 268. I have a TON more and lots of premiums – far too many to list, including ones such as the E-25, KV-5, FCM36PaK40, and MANY MANY more! This change will indeed make me sever all ties with this game I have loved dearly for 6+ (almost 7) years now. WarGaming seems BENT on RUINING EVERYTHING I loved about this game, and it has become IMPOSSIBLE for even the most avid players to DEFEND the Defender – and the COUNTLESS other ATROCIOUS and egregious crap WG has been pulling as of late.

    So I say now, WarGaming, if you do this – I and MANY OTHERS will no longer support this dying game in any way. I will continue to support World of Warships unless or until this brand of bull**** starts taking place. But this? This will be the final nail in my WOT career coffin if it goes live.

  9. This is horrible. The reason people go for the BC is the 105 autoloader. and now this obvious nerf the tank is essentially being destroyed. They are not even giving it the 320 alpha damage of the Russians while giving it horrible penetration values which just buffs heavy tanks even more.

  10. It can if it hits but in most cases you are lucky if you hit 3 of 5. You have no clue what you are talking about. This nerf makes the super heavies like Maus and Type 5 even more OP.
    BC has a overall winrate of 49% and has no armor. There are hardly any maps left where you can sit in a bush and snipe like you claimed. If a BC clips you it means you still have understood how this game works. It is just whiney noobs like you that think the BC is OP, which just proves the point that noobs should have nothing to say when it come to this game as they are the sole reason this game goes to ****.
    BC perfect balance against noobs.

  11. That BUFF on the 100mm you talking about is also a NERF compared to the 100mm you can already equip on the BC. Now 0.35 dispersion, after “BUFF” 0.36.
    WG destroys another unique tank, that is all nothing else.

  12. dpm 8540?? do u understand what dpm stands for? LOL

    ****ing *******s complaining about the bc need l2p and gtfo

  13. Just put 360 alpha damage… (360 x 5 = 1800). If you want the Bat-Chat 25t to have 1800 clip potential just let the same gun but with 360 alpha damage.

    Honestly, changing the gun to a six 300 alpha damage shot autoloader will ruin the tank. And those are facts. With that new gun you are not only ruining a tank, you are ruining the VARIETY of your game.

  14. This change is completly unnecessary. This tank NEVER penetrates an entire clip. You can NEVER fire 5 shots without missing or bouncing one or two. Sometimes three. Sometimes four. The reason why it has so much damage potential is to compensate the unreliability of the gun wich balances it perfectly.

    This change must NEVER be incorporated in the game. It will be nothing but a failure and a giant mistake.

  15. You can’t replace the gun of a tank that is worth 6,1 Million credits, 727 000 EXP, and several months of grinding. It is unnaceptable. A nerf is OK, but a replacement gun is unnaceptable.

    You cannot randomly change a tank that was never problematic to the game in first place. A tank that nobody ever complained about in first place. A tank that is perfectly balanced as it is.

  16. That is because you play like a muppet and get clipped. Oh wait, Batchats don’t clip because they always bounce rounds and have terrible accuracy. SO WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN COMPLAINING ABOUT IT?

  17. No, they are not nefing all meds… They are buffing the 140…. WG dont you play your ****ing game?!

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