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Supertest: ASTRON Rex Tier VIII American Medium

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The ASTRON Rex 105 mm, an American Tier VIII Premium medium tank that just arrived at the Supertest.

Its 105 mm gun is equipped with a 5-shell autoloader with quite awful intra-shell reload time. Loading time between shells is 4.5 s, and the magazine reloads in 37 s. The gun has an accuracy of 0.43 at 100m and an aiming time of 2 s, as well as good stabilization and 9 degrees of gun depression. Standard shells penetrate 185 mm of armour, and the special APCR shell can penetrate 250 mm.

Damage per shot is 320 HP. Frontal turret armour is 220 mm, and the durability of the vehicle is 1,250 HP. The maximum forward speed is 45 km/h and its specific power is 13.5 h.p/t. This vehicle features a high maximum backward speed of 30 km/h. While the backward speed is very high, the specific power is worse than some heavy tanks, so don’t expect a fast tank at all.

The tank will feature a crew of three, a Commander (Radio Operator, Loader) a Gunner (Loader) and a Driver, a nightmare for crew skills with so many roles in the Commander. The vehicle does have a historical background, the ASTRON program was developed during the 1950s and had several variants.

All characteristics are with a crew trained to 100% and subject to change before the final release.







RexASTRON Rex105 mm T254AContinental AOI-628-2AAN/VRC-7
Firepower - 218
Average Damage per Shot (HP)320/320/420
Average Penetration (mm)185/250/53
Rate of Fire  (rounds/min)5.53
Reload Time (s) (magazine/shell/quantity)36.22/4.5/5
Gun Traverse Speed  (deg/s)45.89
Gun Depression/Elevation Angles  (deg)-9/15
Aiming Time (s)1.92
Dispersion at 100 m (m)0.41
Average Damage per Minute  (HP/min)1 770
Survivability - 226
Hit Points (HP)1 250
Hull Armour (front/sides/rear mm)85/70/50
Turret Armour (front/sides/rear mm)220/100/75
Mobility - 527
Weight/Load Limit (t)31.0/32.5
Engine Power (h.p.)420
Specific Power (h.p./t)13.55
Top Speed/Reverse Speed (km/h)45/30
Traverse Speed (deg/s)62.58
Concealment - 215
Concealment of Stationary Vehicle (%)12.26/2.43
Concealment of Moving  Vehicle (%)9.18/1.82
Spotting - 550
View Range (m)380
Signal Range (m)745
Firepower Hidden Stats
Dispersion moving0.173
Dispersion tank traverse0.125
Dispersion turret traverse0.096
Dispersion after firing3.836
Dispersion gun damagedUnknown
Mobility Hidden Stats
Hard Terrain Resistance0.671
Medium Terrain Resistance0.767
Soft  Terrain Resistance1.438
Hard Terrain Traverse (deg/s)59.45
Medium Terrain Traverse (deg/s)52.01
Soft Terrain Traverse (deg/s)27.74

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15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: ASTRON Rex Tier VIII American Medium

  1. this is the weirdest combinations of stats for a atank i have sen in a while lol

  2. Garbage turret (always with the tumor on it for USA), garbage reload between shots, garbage pen and holy **** that’s some bad dispersion. Garbage tank in general.

    Remove the tumor, decrease disp,give it some 20mm pen to both prem and normal and make it a normal reload and it would’ve been interesting.


  3. Honestly this should have been a tier 6 with the gun that was actually proposed for the Rex I. But of course they had to make ANOTHER tier 8, because we don’t have enough already.

    As for the cupola turret, WG really needs to do something about tanks getting killed by being shot in cupola turrets where the internal damage would be minimal, it’s ridiculous at this point.

  4. Lol, no gun handling, no mobility, no armor. America must make **** tanks compared to Russians.

    How can anyone take this game serious anymore? Its the same **** time after time. Maybe 1 or 2 exceptions, but take a russian tank and you usually have the best of everything

  5. Aaaanooother premium. Myyyyyy god this game is just in such a terrible state with a company that is just filled with greed. Bah!

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