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Supertest: AMX ELC Keeps 90mm Gun

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Hello everyone,

Good news for everyone that loves the AMX ELC, Wargaming has decided to keep the 90mm on it, but it will still introduce a 75mm gun. Here’s more details.

  • The tank will have two available guns, the main one 75 mm and optional 90mm one.
  • With the 75mm gun the tank’s turret will be able to traverse 360 degrees.
  • With the 90mm gun the tank will only have limited traverse for its turret (as it is now), but the gun penetration value will be adjusted for the new light tank battle tiers (ie +/-2 matchmaking).
  • The 90mm gun will stay available as a variant gun, because it is mounted on one of the prototypes built. (You can go see it in the Saumur tank museum and I heartily recommend it, the thing is awesome)

Please remember these are Supertest Stats subject to change before the final version is released to the live server.

AMX ELC bis 75mm SA44 Stats


AMX ELC bis 90mm D. 915 Stats


15,466 thoughts on “Supertest: AMX ELC Keeps 90mm Gun

  1. The ELC with the 90mm gun is going to be total garbage. Die-hard ELC fans will keep trying to use it, but with the stats listed here there would be no realistic reason to use it over the 75mm. It’s sad that the ELC is just going to play exactly like the Chaffee after this patch unless you decide to suffer with a piss-poor 90mm gun with 1000 dpm and mediocre pen.

  2. That’s actually really good news, as I am one of the numerous ELC owners due to its unique play style. The pen nerf is almost a non-issue, and I’ll be glad if it doesn’t get any further changes.

    Have to say though, it would have been a nice touch from wargaming to give ELC a siege mode, as that was how it was essentially used. The ELC wouldn’t even have needed any accuracy or DPM buffs while in siege mode, just the ability to fully traverse the turret.

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