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Supertest 9.20: Chinese Premium Medium Tanks Changes

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A trio of Chinese medium premium tanks rolled out to Supertest to show off their updated characteristics!

The T-34-3 has been updated to HD and received better armour, which is now identical to that of the Type 59. The aiming time has also been significantly improved. This will allow the tank to achieve its maximum accuracy quicker and not have to stop as long to make an accurate shot.

We also made some small but important changes to the 59-Patton. We have increased the armor penetration of its standard shells. 59-Patton owners can now be more confident that they will penetrate their opponents, will cause more damage and consequently will earn more credits per battle.

And finally everyone’s favourite Type 59 will receive significantly increased gun accuracy due to significant improvements to its stabilization and aiming time. It will now be easier to fire while moving and not always necessary to stop and wait for an accurate shot.



  • Armour penetration with standard shell increased from 190mm to 212mm.


  • Hull armour changed to 100/80/45
  • Turret armour changed to 200/130/60
  • Aiming time decreased from 3.4s to 2.9s

Type 59

  • Stabilization increased by 30%
  • Dispersion on the move decreased from 0.18 to 0.14
  • Dispersion on turret rotation decreased from 0.16 to 0.12
  • Aiming time decreased from 2.9s to 2.3s

Please note the following information is from Supertest Server. All information is not final and it’s subject to change before the final version is released.

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15,466 thoughts on “Supertest 9.20: Chinese Premium Medium Tanks Changes

  1. /!\ Another person ranting about WG /!\
    Buffing premium tanks instead of nerfing them. Let’s list together which ones need to be fixed first :
    – E25
    – All premium artys (AP shells still there)
    – Chrysler GF
    – All lights (view range. They decreased the one of every regular light, why not those ?)
    – Skorpion G (personal opinion here, please confirm)
    – … (complete)

  2. I own both Pz.38h and FCM36Pak40 and they are OP af. On vBaddict they are always top 3 by WNR

  3. These Chinese meds were either UP or powercreeped. There is nothing wrong with buffing them.

  4. if you nerf premium tank you need to return money … if you dont know…

  5. I’m not against buffing underpowered premium tanks, i’m just against letting op premium tanks as they are if not buffing them even more.

  6. maybe 34-3 can be useful then 59 before this change, i mean CNserver

  7. I they do something about the british tree next alot of tanks need changes

  8. Skorpion G doesn’t need a nerf!
    Yes, compared with regulat German tier VIII TDs – Ferdinand and Jagdpanther II, it has better alpha damage, penetration, dispersion, mobility is better than Ferdinand’s, and on the pair with JP II with worster terrain resistance, and a turret. On the other hand it has worster reload time, bad camo (it’s fcking big tank!), no armor – basically a gl*** cannon. And only the crew from Marder 38T will fit in.
    Definitely, no need nerf nor buff.

  9. AFAIK, many Type 59 owners have crews with 7-8 skills because the premium tank has been around for so long and back in the day used to be known as OP when you have three Type 59 platooned up to stat pad and farm credit at the same time. Buffing Type 59 will likely make them even more OP, just like the super equipment and directive rewards from the Ranked Battles.. make those veteran players who play well at the game get even more advantage over new players. If that;s what WG is after…. keep going.

  10. would this not lead to more power creep on standard tanks?

    I’m sorry but constantly buffing tanks will continue to lead to imbalance. There’s less tanks that need to be nerfed due to them being “OP” so it stands to reason that nerfing them would be simpler and lead to no power creep.

    If you buff tier 8s then how is a tier 7 meant to compete? SO you buff the tier 7s, but now the tier 6s can’t compete…

    Do you not see the issue with constantly buffing tanks?

  11. dude. I’ll try and polite as possible, but that statement about the Type 59 is clearly showing that you got no clue about that tank. It got nerfed to **** back when Chinese medium got in to the game, and with subsequent releases of new tank trees it simply got left in the trash like the POS that it is.

    engine and ammo rack HP is arguable even worse the T-44 and the trash-59 is supposed to have amour
    ground stats is **** so it slow as F except hard terrain, or going down hill. Super pershing isnt that much slower uphill or on soft ground.
    Gun soft stats is garbage compared to pretty much all other tier 8 meds except T-34-3
    Aim time is crap
    With 181 pen, only the KV-5 and IS-6 got worse pen on standard AP off all the tier 8 med and heavies if I recall correct
    Alfa is crap considering you literally have to sit still for 5 seconds before you gun is fully aimed due to aim time and softstats.
    ONly the T-43-3 of all the tier 8 meds got worse accuracy if I recall.
    Amour is irrelevant when every dick and fanny spams gold all the time, thsi wasnt the case back when you could actually buy the tank.

    And no one got 7-8 skills on a type crew I’ll bet you right now. and even if there where any, it would be useless. you would need to grind 53 MILLION xp to get 8 skills. Good luck with that. So lets just for the arguments sake asuem you are fairly good at driving the type and get 1000 base xp per game.. thats 54.000 games.. any one got 54.000 game sin a type.. I think not.

    , anything past the 4 to 5 usual skill sets is pointless and of no real use. Who have fire extinguisher skill when you have prem fire consumables????

    Yes its got pref match making, but that is basically irrelevant with the new MM.

    So yea.. Type is OP as ****, and old players with 54.000 games in it with m***ive OP skills, purple stats, full gold load out and purple equipment will rain death from above, from below, from the side, order in orbital planetary bombardments and melt your face off just by looking funny at your tank..

    So many ignorant comments 🙁

  12. I have to agree with Harkonnen.
    I bought the Type 59 right before they removed from the store.
    At that time it was already nerfed like 3 times if I’m not wrong, and we got another nerf after that.
    Now I understand your opinion because when the type 59 was on top, I was fighting against with tier 5 panzer 4’s and tier 6 vk 3001P’s without gold ammunitions.
    now just imagine that the aimtime of the 100 mm of the type 59 is equal to the aim time of the 150 mm of the E 100.
    2.9 aimtime is ludicrously bad. It is insane. For a tank that has no armor to recieve a shot (unless is hull down), nor hp, you can’t aim for that long to be effective in battle or you will miss 70 % of your shots even with 7 skilled crew what I have.
    Believe me, type 59 will be average at best. These changes were needed,
    But I agree. Many other tanks need improvements like:
    Is-6 – Tigerll – T34-2 – KV-5 – T44 – TigerP maybe some UK meds and heavies, but definitely the AT line, french td’s (hopefully we get soon), etc.
    Tanks that definitely need nerf: Defender, Maus (which will recieve), Type 4/5 heavy (which will also recieve nerf)
    Also needs nerf: Chrysler GF; fv304…that gun ark still ridiculous.
    Many more rebalance needed I guess 😛

  13. I do have 6 skills on 90%, almost reaching 7 but I do have 6k+ battles with type. My first tier 8 premium, and first premium tank for years :))
    But I agree with you.

  14. Whoever complains about the type 59 being op is mostly salty about not having one or has never ever seen one in battle. For ****s sake people i outraversed one on soft terrain in my KV-5. Plus i was able to kill it on my own. He even had 3 gun marks. God you people love to complain. That’s why the quality of the game and its playerbase have been decreasing over the years. Because of whiny babies like you. Get over yourselves. Even the 59-Patton poses more of a threat.q

  15. How does Skorpion have better alpha damage/penetration then Ferdi and JP2 when all three have exactly the same gun 246 pen/490 alpha??? Dispersion is 0.25 on Skorpion, 0.19 on Ferdi and 0.17 on JP2 so actually Skorpion has worse gun handling from the 3.
    Also the soft stats are JP2>Skorpion>Ferdi. Check the goddamn before posting BS!!!

  16. they will almost never nerf prem tanks.. it will be the same **** as with the super pershing all over.. they don’t want that.. and people BUY a certain tank, so they bought it to be like it was the day they bought it.. so the damage done by nerfing prem tanks will be much greater then pleasing some cry baby’s about they are so OP, boe hoe!.

  17. “bad camo” i don’t feel so when one of them fire at me, even though i admit my tanks do not have awesome view range. Plus, a somewhat longer reload time, no armour and even “bad camo” can’t imo be compared to better alpha, pen, dispersion, and fantastic mobility.
    But then again, personal opinion here.

  18. Kinda offtopic, but is it possible to add more comment reply levels to the site? It kinda kills the discussions that there are only 3 levels and you can’t easily reply to others on the 3rd level. It would break the continuity and the users who the reply was aimed for don’t even get a notification.

  19. The 59-patton is by far one of the most underperforming premium medium tanks in the game. It has needed a bid for awhile. The 190mms of pen you get is useless with the ****ty mobility of the tank.

  20. The FV has already been nerfed as ****. I got one before the arty changes and sold it after.
    Before : 52 pen, 410 damage or so.
    Now : 27 pen, 250 damage or so, and it hasn’t received the stun mechanic because WG.

  21. I would just like a little smaller copulation on the 59 Patton but hey Penn buff is cool too

  22. Part true. The FCM is still super OP. The Pz38h is now hopeless. It gets MM’d into tier 3 battles 80% of the time where it is not much more than a doggy chew toy. It is slow, has a mediocre gun and suffers crew deaths like nothing else. It used to have tier 2 MM, great view range and good armour. Even when it gets a tier 2 battle the tier 2 TDs can all smash it and pretty much anyone else just has to mash 2 and the one remaining benefit of the Pz38h is gone.

  23. Another poster long on opinion and short on facts. ‘They almost never nerf prem tanks’?????

    That is exactly what WG do. Introduce it in an OP form to boost sales, then nerf it ‘in response to community feedback’. It is a cl***ic sales churn cycle.

    Never nerf prem tanks? Tell that to my Type 59 – once a beautiful mobile medium – now a sluggish, poorly armed blind slug.

  24. Sadly, much like the German tree, most of the tanks in the British tree actually existed and actually fought – so they get the reality nerf – while the fantastic creatures from the Japanese, French, Czechs, and Soviets, remain delightfully free from such mundane concerns. Who in WoT would pick a Centurion over a T54? Yet the reality of combat tells a different tale.

    It’s all becoming samey. They need new maps not new tanks – and they need to differentiate the tanks more. They could try reality – like having the Churchill able to climb like a mountain goat.

  25. Why offer an opinion when you don’t know what you are talking about. I used to be a baby, but now I’m not. The Type 59 has been repeatedly nerfed until it is now a pale imitation of the original. I had over 1000 games in mine. I don’t play it anymore because it is awful.

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