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Supertest 1.4.1: World of Tanks Anniversary Styles

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World of Tanks 1.4.1 Supertest just received three new styles for the anniversary celebrations coming in April. Each region, EU, NA and ASIA will have their own unique style that can be applied to any vehicle of any nation.

On April 12, World of Tanks will be celebrating eight years since it was released in EU and NA regions and with it, seven for the ASIA region. Currently, there are no details if these styles will be given away or available for purchase.

EU Style

NA Style

ASIA Style

Source: WOT Express


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  1. CN camo on Chinese tank, NA camo on US tank – EU camo on Nazi tank. Lol. 😀

  2. Heres an idea wargaming. Give us our server one for free and let us buy the other with gold . please

  3. P.S. More camos . Could make a killing out of camos and skins I know I would love to earn more camos and skins or buy them with gold . Would be cool to do skins for like 5.00 that are cool.

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